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June 2010 - Fetish House (Aura) - Strange Places




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I'd been booked in to see Aura last year but she gave up working just before it happened. I noticed on the Fetish House web site that she'd returned to work so a booking was made.


Aura is a lovely young lady in her early 20s. She has a very pretty young face with long dark hair and lots of happy smiles. She is medium height and quite curvy with really enormous breasts. Aura offers a. FS option along with a very broad minded approach to BDSM.


We went to the sole bedroom where i showered and waited on the bed. Aura returned and asked me if I'd prefer her to do the session clothed or naked. Even though this wasn't a FS session, I opted for naked as I had arranged to be given access to her good bits, referee to as body worship in this environment.


I'm not proposing to go in to all the details. I will say however the breadth of Aura's boundaries, for such a young lady is phenomenal. Why put up a review and not give the details I hear you ask, I'd ask it myself. The answer is threefold:


1/ This blog is a record of my punts. It serves as a method to capture the punting information in a safe and anonymous manner. It is for my own personal benefit and if anyone else gets anything from it then that's even better. It's for completeness that I include this review.


2/ Everyone has different tastes. One man's pleasure is another man's torture, so to speak. Being too graphic in this field of fetishism is unnecessary and may actually be quite negative for the majority. Happy to discuss on PM.


3/ Suffice to impart that Aura is very attractive and extremely compliant. She'll be able to take you wherever you want to go. I'll leave you to your own imagination as to where that is.


At the end of the session Aura talked about a few other ideas she had and suggested I email her for further discussion. At the time of writing this (2.5 months later) I still haven't emailed her but I will soon.


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