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16 Weeks - Try and try again!



Well, 16 weeks down and it's a normal life in so many ways yet never to be the same.


Physically have pretty much recovered and can move, run, jump without any worries except for the soreness that has come from losing much of my fitness. Only worrying sign is that I may have scored a hernia in the belly button (where they cut you to remove the prostate), so will need to get it checked. Mentally, have struggled a little, and have had to give myself more than a few uppercuts over the last few weeks.


After the Cialis debacle, I went to the doc and asked for some Viagra to try something different and was given a script for 100mg, duly filled at the local chemist, substituted for Silaran (one of the clones / copies now available). Woo hoo, first tablet is a great success, FB is suitably impressed and a good time had by all....cool! Second time around a few days after and it was nowhere near as effective and the erection (just) didn't last long at all. Third time was a disaster, negligible effect and confusion as to wtf happened and then no erections since. Sigh, back to the drawing board.


Return trip to the specialist, blood test prior and all clear still, don't ask me why but was worried about the result but good news in the end, psa still indicating zero or as good as zero. While there, ask the doc about the Cialis / Viagra and he says to go back on the 5mg Cialis, work through any side effects and see if they settle down after a couple of weeks. Also gives me a few party sample packs of 20mg Cialis, same strength as 100mg Viagra. Invite FB over, take a 20mg Cialis and fingers crossed....ermmm, are we there yet? Didn't work that well, fuckitty fuck fuck fuck.


Probably the best conclusion I can draw is that the performance of these drugs is more reliant on the state of mind that I might have thought. Later in the evening, having a shower and FB slips in with me unannounced, drops to her knees and does her best slurping vacuum cleaner impersonation and in a less contrived or stressful environment, the beast responds and it's game on! I think I still very much have time on my side, plenty of scope for healing and improvement so hopefully my next update reflects that.




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Sir Thomas TTE


It sounds like you have a very understanding lady there.


Even after 'nerve-preserving' surgical techniques, the nerves get stretched and bruised, and can take up to 12 months to get back into full working order, ie. 4-5 times longer than the time the urinary tract settled down.

So hang in there.  Get plenty of exercise.

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Good to see you have kept the blog going, things will get better. What I need is an understanding FB , your lucky there.

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