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Kittens vs. Cougars



blog-0894204001406963009.jpgThis was inspired by an ad for a parlour I saw in the local newspaper where they stated they had ladies that were from Kittens to Cougars. It’s the old question of which is best. This is not necessarily in regards to WLs but ladies in general but in the context of this blog we’ll leave the debate to WLs. During my punting career the ladies I’ve seen have been at both ends of the age spectrum and everywhere in between.


Obviously Kittens is referring to young ladies and cougars referring to the more mature ladies. There is the perception that that cougars/mature ladies have a wealth of experience when it comes to satisfying a man and can be a good teacher when it comes to younger men. However there are also more likely to not want to see guys younger than 30 years of age. When it comes to the perception of the Kittens that whilst they might have a lack of experience they make up for it in enthusiasm.


Whilst these perceptions maybe generally the case I can say that it’s not always the case, The one stinker and a punt that I’d have to say left a lot to be desired were with were both with more mature ladies. Just as I’ve had some of my really wonderful experiences with younger ladies.


The 2 ladies I’ve had a regulars in my time as punters have been one from each of these categories. The first was Simone aka Shona whom I’ve been reliably told is old enough to be my mother, but found her to be a lady I just seem to have a real connection and good chemistry with and can honestly say been the only real time I can say I’ve had GFE in a parlour. She had a fantastic memory too cause I’d actually first came across her nearly five years before I ever booked her. I was quite surprised that she not only remembered me but remembered why I didn’t book her on that first occasion.


My other regular was a lady that I was 12 years younger than me. She ended up being my regular by accident. She was a lady I picked and was more a case of our connection was once we got in a session rather than purely on looks which was why I continued to see her. Even to the point where she eventually allowed me to kiss her. It was a shame that she moved on and now can’t find her anymore.


So in summing up the so called perceptions can’t always apply, each lady is different. For me what I’d like when I’m having a punt it’s a bit like when I’m going to get take away for dinner. As much as I love pizza but sometimes I just fancy Fish and Chips.


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Women are great. Except the ones that are not. Women are beautiful. Except for the Uggo's.


I try not be Ageist.


The first thing I want to know about a lday is what can she do for me?


The next thing I want to know about a lady is what can she do for me?


The final thing I want to know about a lady is...


...what can she do for me?




Just kidding (a bit)



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I have an interesting perspective on this...


I worked in the sex industry for several years in my early twenties, when I was popular for my looks and youth, but was not actually, really comfortable with the job (although I told myself I was).  


I was too young to understand my own sexual desires and too young to understand the sexual needs and desires of my clients.  I was also too young to find ways to enjoy the experience with my less attractive clients.


Now, in my 30's, and with years of sexual experience, I am finding that I absolutely rock at this job, and I genuinely enjoy and experience sexual pleasure from almost all encounters, no matter the client.


I just can't think why you would choose a young girl over a woman who really understands and can cater to her own sexuality and yours.


Anyway, for what its worth..



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Well there could be another one of the tweeners. Those who are more mature than kittens but too young to be deemed a cougar. Ladies who's be about my age.

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I am in furious agreement with Dominique!!!!



Experienced WLs are preferable to school leavers!!!!!

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27 to 39 year old's are the age group of most of my regular girls. But I did like a 21 year old who I saw a few times. I've also had fun with ladies in their early 40's but wouldn't make a habit of it

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I just can't think why you would choose a young girl over a woman who really understands and can cater to her own sexuality and yours.
I agree but unfortunately untill you try you cant be sure. I always go for the mature lady and rarely get let down.
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