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What A Stinker!



I have often spoken about the only real stinker I've had during my punting career. If I had my time over again I would have walked out on her. It wasn't just bad sex it was her whole attitude. Made it out like it was a chore and didn't want to be there.


In the intro where she was the only one available at the time she seemed nice enough, but when we got into the room is when things changed. After I showered and then when she started to undress, when she wouldn’t let me help her with her undressing which most if not all the ladies I had seen up to that point were more than happy to let me help them cause for mine I get a kick out of it too cause it’s all part of foreplay.


The massages was as rough as guts to say the least and when I tried to turn over, she said to me “Don’t rush, you’ve got an hour!” I then thought to myself “what the fuck” Then came the so called blow job, well when putting on the condom you’d swear she was putting on a bloody swimming cap. No respect for Little Hitman whatsoever. Well I really felt as though it was as if my dick was stuck in a vacuum cleaner. Then after that she just rode me just I think to get things over with.


After I shot my load, she them just talked and talked and talked about herself, then had the audacity to suggest I wasn’t much of a conversation. Well how could I when I couldn’t get a word in edgeways? She also made a few comments that I took offence to suggesting that women who like sport must have balls, this was because I have female friends who fit into that category.


The worst part of the situation at the time was that I had recently had a break up with a girlfriend and was looking for a bit of a sympathetic ear as one would expect of WLs who are in a way de facto counsellors.


Though because I had had great times there before I decided to give that parlour another chance and all was good. Now I wouldn't think twice about walking out on her now.


The next time I went up there I got the receptionist aside and told her what happened. She asked me whom I saw and I told her her name and she said “Aw yeah” The way she said to left me in no doubt that I’m not the only one who had this issue with her, in fact she then told me that they got a few complaints about her. Basically I let it go through to the keeper on the condition it didn't happen again. Thankfully normal service resumed after that.


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I've had a few stinkers myself. Among other things, one of them started with the dirty talk. It was worse than the worst dialog of a porn movie. At times, I felt like I was fucking Stephen Hawking.

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Two things to lol:


- swimming cap

- fucking stephen hawking


Brilliant. What a waste of money, I would have kicked up more of a fuss if I was you

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Two things to lol: - swimming cap - fucking stephen hawking Brilliant. What a waste of money, I would have kicked up more of a fuss if I was you

Yeah if I had my time over again I would've walked out on her. I guess I was too much of an gentleman. But I know better now.

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