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If I were a parlour owner



This is in light of a parlour I have frequented in the past being up For Sale. I have often wondered if there are any perks to being a brothel owner. Obviously the buck would stop with you in terms of the business side of things. I’d want to just simply be a silent owner where I don’t really run it however if required to do so would take matters into my own hands.


Keeping in mind this is purely hypothetical. If I’m looking at buying or being a stakeholder in a brothel, I’d want to know everything about how the place is run and the talent. So I’d probably do the whole undercover boss scenario without revealing myself as the owner.


I would at random times and days go about having a two hour full session with every lady on the roster. Taking mental notes and would then go away and do a report. However I wouldn’t just simply have one offs unless they are completely horrible sessions where the lady had attitude. So I would be fair in my assessments of the talent

  1. Because they wouldn’t be one offs so if they have had an off day as we all do from time to time

  1. It would allow me to gauge their consistency of the service they provide.

  1. I would also encourage punters to give feedback


This would allow for the deadwood to be cleaned out which they need from time to time.


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angel-baybe monet


Nice fantasy. I don't mean it in a mean way either! I wanted to own a parlour when I was younger too!



As someone who has co-managed, invested in and been closely associated with parlours and brothel owners, as I've seen less than a handful do successfully (one in AU, the other in NZ), there are many CONS

EG. health issues, drug issues, client issues, ETCETC.


..it's not the movies.



If you do get into it, you'd need to befriend the vice squad, local bikie gangs...etc


Also, check the laws in your own state and you'll start to see the screwed up crap that a lot of sex workers have to deal with in re "laws"......

And undercover boss scenarios nearly always get found out. Then girls will resent you.


I would ask myself . WHY do I want to do this?


For me----working as a ho was very easy to answer. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to help people feel good. I wanted $, but above all else, to have work I enjoy and better serve people. eg. I help pedaeophiles whereby we fuck in Bratgirl capacity so they don't commit crimes against minors.blahblahetcetc.


Point is---everyone I know who has been successful, is serving someone other than themselves and has that innate desire to fuel them.


It sounds fun and good in theory...



I hope you make your dreams come true either way!



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Personally I wouldn't try this at all.


I put for relaxation, for fun-times, for a bit of an escape, or to flex a kink or two.


I cannot imagine I would be able to have guilt-free fucks for fun if I became an “Industry Person”.


I suspect part of me would always be over-thinking thing or analysing situations, and I have enough trouble shutting down the “Chattering Monkey” of my brain each night before sleep as it is.


Good luck with it though.

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angel-baybe monet









Nuff said.




(Like the security guards who don't even perve on us at the strippers anymore cos they're sooooo desensitized!)

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Well do footy players go to other matches just as spectators? I know for a fact that the answer is yes.

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