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What Is a Gentleman?



As we know working ladies often like to make references to their clients as being Gentlemen, and I have often wondered what they actually mean by that and I welcome any lady’s input on this one.


The Oxford dictionary has a few definitions of the word, but the applicable one here I think is it’s first one: A chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man


When I was young and naive I had the impression that when they referred to clients as gentlemen that it was a case filtering out the so called riff raff and young bucks which made me feel as though I wouldn’t fit into their desired category of clientele cause I’m not a toff and could splash my money around like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I’m a knock about working class man. (Yes for me the Jimmy Barnes song is an anthem)


Fast Forward 12 years I’ve now been smartened up to things. My thoughts on it in the beginning were laid to rest. A lady’s definition of such is simply a man who treats her with courtesy and respect. Well I think I well and truly fit into that category and I’m not just blowing my own trumpet there cause I’ve had it confirmed by return e-mails from ladies who I’ve sent thank you notes to after sessions with.


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Interesting thoughts, Ian. Because I was brought up proper n'all, I have always prided myself on being courteous and respectful, almost to a fault.


Why? Because when with a 'civilian' woman I found clever, attractive and pleasant to be around, I was so busy being chivalrous and reserved that I found it impossible to communicate my desires or intentions for fear of causing offence.


The punting 'relationship' dispenses with all that because escort and client both know the score. There's no grey area about what's expected but, even then, good old fashioned manners will make the encounter more pleasurable for both.


Through no fault of my own, I am harder work than your average punter, but I try to make things easier on the WL by being as clear as I can about how involved I can be and what I hope to learn from her during our time together. I still do it politely, though :).

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“A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.” Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde is an excellent reference on this subject.  He was a great supporter of women, and their right to be recognised as thinking and feeling individuals who are entitled to, and deserve a outlet to, express their opinions on literature, art and modern life.


i must say that with one or two small exceptions I have yet to come across a disrespectful client.  When you work privately as I do, you can usually identify and avoid those types during initial phone or SMS conversations.


What I do think interesting, is that it is often the trades and blue collar workers who are the most respectful,  grateful, and happy to pay my advertised fee, while the wealthier, privileged men are often far less so,


My thoughts, for what it's worth..


D x

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