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Tales from the semi-secret world of Trans punting - Part II



I've had some long sessions with Transexual Private Escorts and there has been some talking, some sex, more talking, some arguing, some affection, some more talking etc. Some things have been said I found truly fascinating and I hope you find them fascinating as well. Below is a mixture of her comments and some other comments from my TS/CD sex partners over the last few years.


* * *


“I'm a woman but I know just how a man thinks”


“My boyfriend cheated on me a few times but I forgave him. I know every man wants to fuck a real pussy from time to time”.


“I have to get rid of my cock before I get old. I don't want to be old and have people caring for me and see my cock. I have to be a woman before then”.


“Lots of men try to be our friends so they can get free sex with a Trans, or because they want bareback sex. But then they don't want us to meet their parents or introduce us to their children.”


“Men always look for the Trans that are junkies so they can pay then with drugs and get bare-back sex”


“There's not many jobs I'm allowed to do in Australia. As soon as I open my mouth they can tell straight away I'm a Trans and I won't get the job.”


“I can only get hard with Viagra, but most of my customers want me to fuck them in the arse. My God! So if I'm working I have to take Viagra all the time. If I can't fuck them in their arse they usually won't want a dildo or my fingers instead - they want my cock.”


“I can kiss and lick a pussy just as well as you can. You should bring your wife next time. I'll lick her pussy while you fuck me in doggie, then we can both suck your cock together.”


“In [my home country] I can walk down the street and no one cares that I am Trans. Here everyone turns to look at me when I walk past.”


“I can't go to Nightclubs because the women don't want me to use the ladies toilet, and they will stop me if I try to use it. Some women are angry just to see me at the club and want me to leave.”


“It's hard to be Trans in Australia because some people get angry just when they see me pass in the street. I haven't done anything to hurt them but they are angry at me. I didn't expect that anger when I first came to Australia.”


“Sydney is better for us [Trans – Ed.] because there are more customers for us. In Melbourne a lot of the girls only stay here because they have partners and they go home to the partner after the shift”


“When I came to this country I was with my boyfriend and I had never worked as a prostitute before. Everybody here just assumed I was a prostitute because I was a Trans. People didn't believe my boyfriend was just my boyfriend, they all thought he was really my customer. One man came up to me and ask how much I charged”


“You've seen [name xyz]. Did she get hard for you”? I reply “no” and she then says “She can't get hard for anyone. She's taking hormones and it's very difficult for her to get any bookings now.”


“There is no connection between my cock and my brain. Between bookings I need to look at Gay porn. I don't like looking at it, but then during the next session I can get hard for the customer if I'm taking Viagra as well.”


Talking about another worker - “I don't like that one 'he' is always rude to us. He is really a man not a Trans. He doesn't respect us and thinks he is better than us.”


“It's good for us to meet men at work [in the brothel - Ed.] because we know they are there looking for Trans. We don't have to worry if they will like Trans or not. My last two boyfriends I met while I was working [as a prostitute in the brothel – Ed.].”


“Men try to take off the condom when they are behind me for doggie. They want to cum in my arse Natural. Do regular women have the same problem? So I always have to reach under during the fucking and check for the condom”


“If a man asks for BBBJ on the phone I hang-up straight away and block his number. If I don't, then when he gets here he will keep asking me for BBBJ until I have to throw him out. Too much fighting. It's just not worth it.”


“I've run out of Viagra but I have toys under the bed if you need me to put something in your arse today. I need to always have something for my customers arse.” (big laugh from her)


“A man came to see me and he just wanted to kiss me. He didn't want to touch me or have sex, he just wanted to kiss. He seemed happy to kiss me for the whole time. My God, kissing for a whole hour. It was really difficult, I thought it would be easy but it was really hard.”


“I know that guy over there sitting with the two girls. He's a prostitute for Gay men. Every time I see him out he is talking with young women though.” Big laugh.


“In my own country I have a University degree. People assume because I do this job I am just a farm girl.”


“Men come to see me for sex but don't trust me because I do this job. I can't get a boyfriend because of this job!”


She's living in a Share House so I say “Do the other people her know you are a Trans”? She says “No. They don't know.” I say “Would they care if they did”? She says “Probably not about me being a Trans, but they would care I see people here and fuck them for money!” Big laugh from her.


“When I worked at [brothel name -Ed] all the girls were on drugs and I had things stolen. I could never leave things there or have them be safe when I was in the room working. Being Private is risky as well but I can keep my pay this way.”


“I'm meeting this man that just wants to talk with me for a while and decide then if we will fuck. He says he is a first-timer and doesn't know if he will want to fuck me”. I say “He sounds like a time-waster to me. Maybe better if you say no and tell him to only call when he is ready for fucking”. Next visit I ask how it went and she says “I spent ages talking with him and he wanted to fuck me but he didn't have money. I wasted my whole trip there for nothing!”


“The man that owns that cafe came to see me. He just wanted a massage from a Trans to see what it was like. He didn't want me to take any of my clothes off or kiss him or anything. At the end I offered hand-relief and he said 'No'. Now he sends me texts all the time saying I'm beautiful and he wants to see me again. I tell him to go see a massage girl instead – who needs this shit!” (big laugh from her).


* * *

“On your review of me you said you wanted me to fuck your arse but that I wouldn't! You should have said you wanted me to fuck your arse. It's not my fault if you don't ask me for what you want!!!”


“But for me to be a Bottom I need the partner to be strong and a bit bossy, but you always seem very gentle and lady-like to me”


“I AM LADY-LIKE YOU FUCK!” (tension in the air now :P )


“I know, I know, maybe we can sort something out for next time!”


“Next time I will fuck you in the arse so you will stop complaining!” Big laugh from both of us. Pheeew!


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mmm interesting reading have seen sw trans before but just havent had the guts to see one in a parlour or private thanks for the read

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angel-baybe monet


This is the best thing I've read on PP so far.


Thankyou for sharing---I'm still cackling!!!



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Very interesting and yes, CIS WLs do have to reach underneath in doggie to check the client hasn't pulled the condom off. Happens a lot.

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I have just found out what and where your blog is!!!!????


Can't help being a technophobe. Har.

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Great read ..... I have had a few pearlers from TS during my punts. I remember one saying I don't do BBBJ then being late to the appointment and and starting to suck me and properly and saying .....Only because I was late I never do this first time......


I got the review one as well as I said she couldn't get hard so she went out and got Viagra so she could...... They are a mixed bag sometimes

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