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To squirt or not to squirt

angel-baybe monet


When I was about 16, I wagged school, fucked my then boyfriend, and tried to figure out if I just squirted all over him or peed all over him!

We had finished having sex (I didn't come), and I was lying on top of him, and he was still in me. I started grinding my clit on him, and he began..clenching some sort of muscle to make his penis "jump." He didn't get really hard.


I ended up coming really hard and pushing him out. As I was pushing him out, I could feel a TON of liquid coming out...I thought it was his cum from earlier. But apparently, it was something coming out of ME. A lot of it (the mattress got wet under the sheets and mattress pad)!

It smelled like pee, but I honestly didn't feel like I was peeing, I don't recollect having the urge to pee before/during sex, and I've never peed during sex before.


Was this squirting or peeing???


Then the pee-during-sex happened again... on a few other ocassions.

The only time I knew the difference, was with a regular client. We fucked for 6 hours at stilettos. Then he had me bent over the spa...and he was just fingering me with loads of lube and grinding and rubbing and I was moaning like a biatch...

I apologised from weeing everywhere, but he was like 'noooo baby, you squirted for me!'


Unfortunately, he was so stoked, we could never replicate it again. That is, he was so happy and it stroked his ego that a young 20 something had squirted all over his hand..so every other time he tried to do it he fucked up by giving me coke. Coke numbs the fuck out of me.

I've had guys on coke be able to do it a) if they were long term partners and knew my body and came first, or 2) VERY patient guys, first timers at parlours, I just had a connection with paired with them being very aware of my body and not selfish lovers (and soft hands).


So, that's why, with work, while I do offer squirting, it's not something I can guarantee...Usually, it's only ever happened in a literal weekend sex marathon and my overnights.


I get more requests for squirting than I do for anal, the thing is---

-nails need to be non existent

-smooth hands (the parlour guy had like, soft baby hands, one old dude had sandpaper hands and even though he had good technique, it just was not enjoyable so we had to stop)

-very relaxed!!!! (I cannot usually achieve this with someone I'm seeing for the first time)


What about you guys?

Have you ever wanted to make your girl squirt?


If you did, how did you do it?


Please share your tips below...


I found these articles which were the best of what I've read..







XXX Happy squirting-loving and fucking!!


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Nice ABM - Love squirts and have used the technique 1 method from your link  with the index finger slightly hooked upwards. Just have to be careful to close mouth if going in for close up :)

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My current missus used to squirt often enough back in the day. Not all the time and not always the same amount of fluid. My technique didn't seem to be a factor, more likely when she was particularly 'into it' and it was usually after she hadn't cum hard in a while.


I had a one memorable night stand at Uni and the lady squirted on me. I was very impressed but she seemed to think it was normal enough for her. She did see a lot of men though as she came from a small country town with a strict religious upbringing, and once she was away from the family she slept with every man she could. And oh boy could she fuck :P

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My ex would squirt. Pretty much guaranteed every time, and multiple times. I loved it. On me or on my face. Haven't found anyone else since who can do it

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would love to make my lover squirt every time as i know that she is enjoying the experience and i beleive it would be very hard to fake

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angel-baybe monet


No way you can fake squirting!


Unless maybe you gave your lover a golden shower-ahahahaha!

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