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Bodyline - 30/11/06 - Jamie, Ruby, Lisa

Trouser Area


Just having a read through some old posts I was reminded of some other ladies I've seen in the past. I don't know if Lisa and Ruby still work there, so I won't go into much detail about them, but I think Jamie is still around.






I saw her a long way back. She had long black hair (wig, I think) and very pale skin and a lovely fullsome arse and a very firm body. She might be mid 20s. She laid down the rules (no touching below the waist, etc etc) and I realised I was in for a pretty pedestrian time. Still, some girls are great without extras (eg: Gemma), so I wasn't too sad. She let me have a caress of her tits (nice firm B cups) and then I lay down for a massage. Not too bad (lotion), but nothing special. She went on to massage my balls and I have to say she has no idea about the handling of this area (unless you are the small minority who actually like a squirrel grip). I had to ask her to stop. Urgently. The rest of the session was average and unmemorable and I could only really give it a 5/10 overall (looks 8/10, service 4/10, manner 6/10)




I don't remember much about this girl, but she is asian (Japanese?), about 30 with a reasonable body. Talks far too much and hums while she works on you. She kept making me change position and while this was interesting and exposed me to some new moves, I found myself feeling a little harrassed. She also goes in for the sexy talk, you know, "You so lovely, baby", which I find unconvincing and a bit embarrassing (remember the film "Full metal jacket"? "Me so horny. Me love you long time". That sort of thing). Anyway, I don't think I'd go back and I guess a 6/10 is about right.




I can't think why I forgot about this girl. She is Thai, I think, with a taut, tanned body. Absolutely fantastic arse and c cup tits (enhanced). She has a pleasant manner and is sexy without going over the top. I saw her (for an hour) ages ago and I always meant to go back to her but have been distracted since. The notable thing that happened with her, was that she walked in after I'd showered, took her gear off and without a word, began rubbing her magnificent arse on my tool while she cuddled up to me. She was nice and warm and smelled lovely and I can't recall this without getting half a mongrel. I thought I was going to come there and then and had to suggest we move on the the massage. On reflection, she might be one of those girls who get you to come early in the session, then let you recover with a back massage before giving you another go. Cindy has been known to do this, and it's great.


Jamie gave a wonderful sensual back massage and her work with a dick and balls was top flight and I struggled throughout the session to hold off finishing (I had to shut my eyes and think of a dog-ugly Kiwi chick I once worked with. This always steadys me). She allowed touching everywhere (with no extra charge) and offered oral, which I didn't take up. I always think there would be value in a return visit. Maybe one day.






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