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9 weeks - I got lucky for sure!



9 week visit to specialist today, and the first thing he says is "You don't know how lucky you were".


Had been a bit worried about the visit as until you get that first blood test you don't know for sure if you are in the clear or not. He then goes through the full pathology report, multiple nodes, both sides of the prostate, front and rear with one in particular being a real nasty little fucker that would have gotten loose before long.


This after the biopsy that picked up 2 tumours after my prostate was used as a pincushion, it goes to show how inexact the process is and why blokes are still dying from this. So blood test has come back at .0008 PSA reading.....you're cured mate! Everything pointing to a good outcome, see you in 4 months.


Everything on track, continence has returned...can cough, sneeze, move quickly and no issues. Not to say it will be as it was but manageable.


As I write, the first Cialis is sliding down the throat courtesy of a couple of trial packs from the doc. Because I have had some limited erectile function returning he has put me on a low dose (5mg) to see how it goes....so hurry up and wait for my first real boner post surgery. The good news is that a VERY good bottle of wine awaits the occasion and I may even try to combine a VERY good punt at the same time (will just need to be sure it's a lady who will appreciate a 20yr old Shiraz).


Other good news is that post op, the old fella doesn't seem to have lost much. Truly inspiring news pre op is to expect a loss of 1 - 2 cm in length and 1cm in girth due to the urethra being cut and re-joined as part of the process but can happily report the difference isn't noticeable. (We'll see how the first real erection looks)


All up out of pocket cost after Medibank, medicare etc - $10,000 plus lost work, getting cut by one of the best doesn't come cheap. Qld Health have come to party with subsidised travel, reimbursing about $1800 in air fares and car travel so thankyou guvnor!


All the stereotypical bullshit aside, gents get yourself in for a check. And my advice is to not go for the small handed Asian female doctor as she will have to shove most of her hand up your arse to reach. Look for a piano playing sensitive type with long fingers ;)




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Goodonyah aussiex


Next thing we know you'll be handling around in Gay bars checking out the guys looking for one with artists hands.





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"Look for a piano playing sensitive type with long fingers"


My first thought was Sarah the Piano Teacher, but ….


I really want to thank you because we guys tend not to talk, and we REALLY tend not to talk about this stuff. I am not saying you are an inspiration, but you are a mate. Thanks.

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Awesome news AussieX, Hopefully being a "short ass" I only need the lil asian lass's tiny fingers.

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A salute to your healthy ass, (cheeky pun intended) and on your effort & attitude in dealing with your prostate tumours. I hope people take your advice & get their prostate exam done, and I'm sure there will be a medical receptionist getting some phone enquiries about the shape of the Dr's hands pretty soon. I was under the impression after talking with a guy a few years back that after the prostate is removed that some men can have a multiple or second orgasms much quicker, but then I had the conversation again with another guy years later & he said it was not true, so now I'm not sure what to believe. Maybe you could clear this one up for me? There is one advantage for the operation if your going to look on the positive side of things, & that is the lack of 'mess', which can be great in certain situations. I hope your medicine works & if not cock rings can work great to maintain a boner, (as can a few other techniques). Good luck :) xx

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Thanks guys, at times it feels funny to share such intimate details of the process but I think it's been therapeutic in a way. I have a date with my missing FB this weekend and I may be able to shed some light on the orgasm front (I hope).....a little bit of manual stimulation has seen some encouraging signs so fingers crossed.


Do you like old red wine by any chance Sarah?

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