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Settled permenantly into a great company as a professional escort, after much searching I'm now content.



Im now called sarah, a simple & common name for an extraordinary service I want to be famous for. If you do anything in life I believe you should do your best, and it helps when you love your job like I do. So, after searching for months for a place to work where i feel comfortable, supported, happy at a place that im proud to be associated with, I've found an establishment in Sydney's North Shore to be the venue I choose to keep a locker at. I searched a few places and came back to this one because it's the best of all the places I've tried so far. The receptionists are supportive, the girls are fun & friendly and provide the commeraderie a working girl needs, and the clients a great. The venue is high class and the pay and price is fair. I have truely settled in and so while I get my breasts & porcelin veneers done in thialand over the next few weeks, I will miss this great place. But when I'm back and rocking my big boobs and Hollywood smile I'm going to be looking forward to moving into a period of where im meeting new regular clients at the venue. I had the best orgasm the other day, and I'm looking forward to another one and returning the favor too once I get back. I can't wait to try out my new breasts in the bedroom & experience all the fun they bring!! I love going on escort jobs especially and I hope to meet more interesting and sexually liberated people. I've experienced some great sexual appetites and interests and feel that I'm growing not just sexually but personally with the freedom and independance I've gained with the changes I've made. I'm glad I left dancing in Melbourne, and I wish I had of found & explored this opportunity sooner. I love the discretion Sydney offers, just as much as I love the lifestyle I live & experience with clients in Melbourne. I'm lucky to get to call some clients friends and great fuck buddies too. I have found the work-life balance of being in Melbourne from Monday to Thursday, and in Sydney from Thursday to Monday. I know that there are negative perceptions about being a working lady, but it's my life and I'm loving it!! So, when I'm back in 3 wks, I'm going to happy to experience more with my job & the awesome new boobs I'm getting!! The martial law in Bangkok is a little unsettling but I look forward to the travell, the warm temperature and experiencing a different culture. Yes, I'm proud to be a working girl that aims to be the best, cos no matter what you do in life, you should always aim to be the best! And the opportunities and lifestyle associated with meeting new people and the experience of new places is quite frankly what life is about.


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Hi Sarah, all good but this is just to let you know that I've edited the name of the establishment as it breaches our non-advertising policy in blogs and forums. Good luck.

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Nice to here your life is falling into place.

And good luck with your new boobs:)

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Happy to hear you've found happiness and contentment. It's great to be able to do something you love.

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Thanks, yes, there were some really disappointing places I tried along the way, but at least it gave me the ability to compare a good venue to an ordinary one. Sometimes the venue & money was great, but the management sucked, other times the management was great but the venue was awful, etc. I had tried exclusively escort only companies, or parlour venues that don't offer escorts, and different types of parlours/brothels, some where you have a strip club type atmosphere, and others where the client walks in for an introduction in a private room only or both. Some had no problems with me serving myself & others behind the bar, some had really dodgy management where the big burly bloke who ran the place would come in drunk, aggressive, roudy, rude and high with 5 mates & beat up people for fun, then steal the girls things. Others where very professional but there were too many girls & not enough clients. It's been quite the eye opening journey finding a place that was overall good, & I'm glad I kept looking instead of settling for less, cos it's really paid off. I just wish sometimes I could work in Melbourne where I live cos the travell to sydney is exhausting & expensive, but on the same note its given me great experiences & ive got to see some really nice places in sydney while going to & from escort jobs. Theres nothing better than driving back from a job satisfied, richer still tipsy while the sun rises along a really beautiful road by the beach & through the glimmer of trees & greenery that resembles rainforest so close to the city all while im still dressed to the 9's. Or going over the harbour bridge at night & all the neon lights make the city look like something from a colourful story book on modern city nightlife. Some of the really extravagant parties & eccentric people to the quiet but sexy nights & sexy tradies, or the sexy business men from the finance industry that like to party with assorted goodies & wines & spirits to kick off the vibe for the night ahead. I'm looking forward to going back & it's a good sign that I've found the right place for my needs & wants work wise.

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Anthony Martinez



Is possible have a few questions about male escort?


I would like to start doing private male escort but I have never done it before. 

I would be appreciate if you could tell me how is with male escort here in Sydney. If the woman are even interest. And as well where to start if I wanna do this job.


I am 34 years old guy from Czech Republic. Living in Sydney for almost 2 years. I am 174cm high and 83kg, blue eyes, short light brown hair.


could you write into my mail


Thank you so much for your time 


Have a nice day 


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