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Overservice--Do you find it annoying?Great?

angel-baybe monet


Today I had a lunch date with a client at a local restaurant. The food was yummy and the service, attentive. I was PISSED.


Overservice generally annoys the hell outta me.


You see, I LOVE food. To me, food and sex are equal partners in the realm of the orgasmic sensual experience.

Take away my sex, I get pissed. Take away my food, I'm livid.

Everything would have been FINE. If the waitress had just not asked me five times how my meal was-----I felt like answering (through a full mouth, cos of course they always ask you mid-chew) 'It was fine, until now'.


Though I am a luxury escort, I find my most pleasurable experiences with my sugar daddies are not at the Crown Casino...but rather, at a dive down in Chinatown...a dingy coffeehouse..stuffing my fave with Effy's kebabs...(when not fucking of course). I find underservice to be generally better than overservice.


which leads me to sex........


I have a good client who told me he loves fucking me because I 'go with the flow' and dont ask halfway if he likes it or not or if he wants something else. He told me of a story etched into his mind of an escort who asked questions at inappropriate moments (like when sucking his dick) and then asking his nationality, while getting off/was riding him.

It makes me cringe. Poor guy, he was scarred by this.

OF COURSE, I am attentive. But if i can't read and feel body language and what someone's into, I'm in the wrong industry. That's for others to bongle. Like the non-prescription-glasses-wearing-'cool'-edgy-waitress...


In the eagerness to please of the hipster waitress, I couldnt talk as each sentence was interrupted by 'How is everything?' and 'how's the food?' (LET ME TASTE THE GODDAMN FOOD AND ENJOY MY F$#King MEAL)



Be attentive. REACT and RESPOND when needed.


Bruce Lee once said

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Bruce Lee



And in the words of Angel-Baybe Monet----

'Let me cum in peace' (bitch)





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Don't let the wait staff bother you one tiny little bit Grasshopper ;)


You certainly don't need to let them intrude on you in any way, other than to bring you nice things to eat and drink.


If you are happy, why let a poor waitress spoil your happy mood?


If you are sad why let a poor waiter see you bleeding?


I'll tell you for why, and here's the best bit of all.


You life is only ever one breath long.....


Imagine for a minute that the very next breath you draw is to be your last on this Earth.


Can you set down your burden with grace knowing your very last utterance was personal abuse hurled into the teeth of a stranger?


* * *


Meanwhile – back in the real-world :D


Personally I'm not as good as these fine words I'm badly paraphrasing.


Like anyone else I get angry, happy, sad, bored etc.


I often say things I shouldn't, or worse, I sometime remain silent when I should say something.


I do try not to let people get to me too much though. I've found the best way to do this is always be ready to take part in some fun or interesting conversation. This “ready to engage” approach seem to go down well with like minded people.


My two cents.

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angel-baybe monet


Yes, I understand ALL of what you say, but at the end of the day, we are humans, I do not live in a vaccuum of existence..though I am saving my money to be able to support myself for 2 to 3 years for when I become a Buddhist nun, in the meantime, I am here.


Yes yes, we think what we want to think. Course of Miracles 'I can be hurt by NOTHING but my own thoughts, I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt'


I'm making conversation and I'm a storyteller. Some of the material MAY be exaggerated a little for impact ;) In having said that, I dont check my phone when out with others...and with my lovers-I give them ALL MY ATTENTION......


(I worked in hospitality for many years ....a happy medium is GOOD)


I agree with what you're saying. In this instance though , I think you're taking me too seriously



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Don't worry, I'm laughing and smiling. Throwing a few sacred cows on the BBQ is what I do. Lololololol

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