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The Love files----Lessons in life and Love

angel-baybe monet


I know a lot that goes into my service, also translates directly into my personal life. I get asked by my friends and family frequently for life and relationship advice (I guess the logic is, I love for a living, so I must have insights into keeping passion alive). The two things I've noticed the most??? #1 Kiss for 10 Seconds or Longer

Kissing is awesome.

Remember your first kiss? The nerves? The anxiety? The excitement? The tingle from head to toes? (I hope it wasn’t just me that experienced the tingle…) There is just something special about a good kiss.

Kissing releases endorphins, helps reduce blood pressure, fight cavities, and reduce the pain of headaches and cramps. It’s even a barometer for sexual compatibility.

Yet, as amazing as kissing is, many people often allow the kiss to be replaced by the peck (gross). A peck is something you give your grandma, not your lover.

Pecks to not lend themselves to passion.

Make a pact to choose passion in your relationship by committing to kiss for 10 seconds or longer every day. When you part ways, kiss each other like you’ll miss each other.

#2 Turn Off Your Phone

Nothing says “You’re not important to me,” like your partner constantly looking down at their phone.

I’ve realized lately that I have this issue… so I’ve begun to turn my phone off, leave it at home, or put it in another room when I’m with people I love.

If you want more passion in your relationship, turn off your godaamn phone!

Got your own rituals to keep passion alive in your relationship? Leave them in the comments! I’m collecting them, because I think they’re awesome.


XXX Happy Long Weekend




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Laugh more. Cry less.


Being angry at someone doesn't mean that you are right and they are wrong. It just means you are angry at someone.


Men are less complicated than women and can happily live by the four “F's”


Feed me!




Fuck me!




Fight me!







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angel-baybe monet


HAHAHAHAHAHhahahahaha at the 'Four F's'!


I'm putting that right into my journal

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I believe that laugh more and cry less is poor advice I believe. You need to laugh and cry an equal amount as both are natural emotions that we need at various stages of our life. When you start to create an imbalance of one emotion over another you become emotionally unhealthy. There can be too much happiness. Don't be offended at that.


My first kiss I was very young, possibly 5 or 6 years old and it was with my cousin so I missed out on the emotions stated in the blog.


I would rather kiss than have sex but most people see that as weird.

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Coming to this blog late but just wanted to say I mentally fell over in my haste to agree with you angel-baybe!


I find kissing just the most intimate, sensual and spine-tingling turn on ever. I don't mean eat-your-face-off attack (tho' passion is good too) but tender, soft, lingering, dare I say it - loving! and prolonged kissing which builds and leads to other exploration. Phew! < rubs self down with wet towel>


I sometimes think I could spend an entire booking in warm embrace and languorous kissing! Clock Free Kissing (CFK) :) Of course that really needs that electricity of connection, but when it happens....WOW! And agree - no pecks that are just lip service (pun intended); that just says "ok, I have more important things to do/places to be, I'll just tick the box"


Which brings me to the phone. Texting, talking or just glances to check incoming - One of my pet hates!!! Fer Christ's sake, Is this a threesome? It isn't just being made to feel like the unimportant 'spare one', the phone can get more handling, stroking, nuzzling and lip proximity!! You may be as to tell I have some baggage on this one from an ex :) in a nutshell, if you're with someone, BE WITH that person.


Thank you angel-baybe for 'ringing my chimes'.

Btw am loving your other blogs and posts.




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angel-baybe monet


It's all about being present isn't it PacoMan :)


Glad you're enjoying the posts x

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