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Bodyline - 31/11/06 - Honey and Alicia

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I've been meaning to see Honey for a long time. I'd seen her at intro before and had liked the look of her, but had always been distracted by the availability of proven performers (ie: Cindy). I also read Doc's fairly favourable review on this forum.


I went in yesterday and there were not many girls on, so Honey seemed the best choice. She was busy for 10 minutes and I had to wait in the lounge with a crowd of blokes (6 or more) waiting for intros. I was glad I'd booked.


Honey is a very pretty Indian girl with shoulder length black hair and a beautiful smile. She's size 10ish, with B/C cup, pert breasts. She has a "post-baby" belly, but she still looks good.. She began by offering a heap of extras, some of which I think should be standard, but finished up saying that for a $60 extra "package", she'd allow breast touching and sucking, bodysliding, CBJ and "fingering me", as she put it. I agreed, but was not overly happy about the cost. Bear in mind that this was an hour booking, so all up, $260. For $300, you can have Ashley or Cindy for an hour and a half and they offer everything, except FS, with great enthusiasm and skill, at no additional charge.


She began with a very oily massage that was more therapeutic than sensual and I started to remember Doc's review of her massage as "boring". This went on for a bit too long, then she reached under and started to work my tool and balls (a little on the severe side, but bearable). At this point I was thinking I'd done my money. Then she oiled my back up and began a really top-flight bodyslide. Lots of thrusting (remember Cherry's bodyslide? A bit like that). Things started to look up.


Upon turnover, she oiled me up and worked my tool hard with her tits and hands. Her tits are beautiful and lovely to play with. Then she put a condom on me, bunged on more oil and lay down on me with her tits shoved into my mouth. Oooh Baby. Then she writhed around on me and I reached back and massaged her pussy, which was pleasingly wet. This was all absolute bliss and such a contrast from her earlier work. Then she lay on me with her legs out straight and put my tool tight between her thighs, hard up against her wet pussy and thrust, slowly at first, then slowly worked up speed. My God it's good. It's almost indistinguishable from actual penetration. I still had her tits in my face and could hold off no longer and had a tremendous orgasm. Suddenly, It's $260 well spent. She finished the session with a bit more back massage and a bit of a chat.


All in all, a good time, but my suggestion to punters is that it would be better to book her for half an hour and opt for the $60 package, and try to keep the back massage short. That's what I'd do next time. I'd rate the whole session at 7/10, which may seem harsh, but the first half hour was 4/10 and the last 9/10. Her looks rate as 8/10 and her manner at 7/10. I'd go back but only if my other favourites weren't there.




I noticed that Alicia is still working there. I had an hour with her some years back and it was pretty ordinary. She is early 20s with a nice white bod (great arse). She talks and talks and talks and it's not very interesting. She offered mutual massage, but much to my disappointment, no touching of her pussy. Bugger. I don't remember much else about it, but I'd not go back.


The really annoying thing about my booking her was that there had been another Alicia who worked there, who was ace. I'd rung and booked thinking it was her, only to find that I'd booked an hour with this new girl. I felt bad about pulling out of the booking on the grounds that it was "the wrong one", so I went with her and as it happens, it was a mistake. I guess I could rate her at 4/10. Just.


Cheers, TA


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