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6 weeks on and life will continue



Where to start?


6 weeks down the track and I am beginning to think that life will go on, probably never as it was but plenty of people are doing it tougher.


Milestone last weekend with 2 full days without having to wear continence pads. Not a perfect score as a few drops here and there but the bags and bags of pads I bought when thinking it would never get any better now consigned to the corner of the cupboard, thank fuck for that.


So with that under control, the attention now turns to erectile function. A mixed bag there although I am told by the doc that 12 months is not uncommon. Anyway about 2 weeks ago, curious lady who had turned into a bit of a fuck buddy pre surgery volunteers to help with the "rehabilitation". Things going ok and enjoying a bit of a pash session when something switches on and while I won't get carried away and call it a boner, there was enough to say "baby, roll over and get ready".


Unfortunately, from there it went downhill. In all the excitement of thinking the odds had been beaten and an early return to form prayer had been answered, a loss of control made for quite a mess and a lengthy clean up process. Previously mention fuck buddy probably wasn't ready for the golden shower and hasn't been seen since so no further research or rehab. Admit to it being a bit of shock and when talking to my old man he said the same thing happened to him.....this is the shit they don't tell you at the hospital.


Anyway, since then hardly a chubby, more than likely mental so a few scars to heal there. Other than that pretty good but not being able to exercise as I did is driving me crazy. Off to the doc later in the month and a blood test prior to hopefully confirm "You're cured mate". Bad news about my old man though, seems he left it too long to get things checked and now in for radium and chemo related to secondary cancer.


So gents, please get yourself checked is all I can say.




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Goodonyah aussiex.


We take our health for granted until there's a problem with it eh?


Good to hear you are on the mend.


And Asian lady friend of mine runs a R&T and she told me most of the older men they see have erectile problems. These are the guys that just won't be able to get it done in a short inexpensive parlour booking, so instead a slow sensual tease in a R&T seems to be the go. Maybe still too soon for your downstairs plumbing but keep it in mind hey?

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Just got to be patient now aussie.Thanks for the updates and wishing you well mate. :)

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Thanks Mal, good suggestion on the R&T. Will as Charlie mentions have to be patient, enough signs to say the mojo will return, just needs time. And thankyou also Iva, feel I have had a lot of support from the PP people, appreciate it.

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Here's to the glory of advancements in medical science!

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Thanks for your updates and am wishing you a speedy recovery. I am sure it wont be long, even if it takes 12 months will fly by before you know it.

Hopefully you can get some more rehab soon from your lady friend, or nice slow and sensual tease in a nice R&T might be the go, damn that even sounds the go for me :)


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My dear, keep on doing the great work you are doing and invite your FB over again, it seems to be the best way to practice ;)

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