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Lovely Asian Transsexual offering “Relaxation Massage”



I recently had an enjoyable overall session with a freshly minted Trans, although the expiry date of our cautious new friendship was clearly visible on the packet by the end of the time together.


Our date was planned in advance and she caused me several sleepless nights as I lay awake remembering her images as a skinny young Asian Transsexual with good tits.


During the week, when the work stress was really getting to me I would flip-open my Smartphone and look at the pics of Lovely that I had downloaded from her web-site.


I believe all this digital porn created a major preconceptions problem for me. I believe I built her up too much in my mind as a fantasy and then didn't cope particularly well when she turned out to be just a normal person instead of my fantasy.


We met at the agreed place and time. I've arrived really horny and anxious to get to my orgasm with the hot T-Girl from the Internet.


She greets me at the door and her little black dress is too tight for her small frame and she looks far too boyish and shapeless. She has the nice boobies of course, but in the flesh, the complete absence of womanly curve is a bit of a surprise. Her pics were not retouched as such, more a case of careful selection of the camera angle and her poses.


Up close her face looks quite hard, and I suspect she is a bit cross today for some reason.


I like sex so I decide to proceed despite the initial let down. She shows me to her massage room and I lay on my back on the floor mat. Lovely returns with some warm oil to find I've placed the modestly towel politely over my groin.


Lovely kneels next to me, removes the towel straight away and begins oiling my upper leg and nuts.


Weeeelllll Hellooooo baaaaaby!


So we are only one or two minutes in and my balls are already in her small oily fist. Nice


We chat and get to know each other a little and she does longer oily strokes, going from my knee to my chest with both hands. Very sensual and relaxing. I stroke her soft silky legs a bit but I cant reach her groin or see what's happened down there.


She smoothly and sensually coats my front with oil and we have a pleasant chit-chat. I'm relaxing nicely, and soon we get to the laughing and grinning stage. Y'know – comfortable.


She moves up to kneel closer to my chest and her Ladycock is a limp sad looking noodle flapping like and boned fish between her slender pale thighs.


I'm at my charming best because she's quite easy to like, and Lovely seems to be getting more and more femme with everything she says and does. When she laughs and smiles she time-travels and becomes very young looking and maybe a bit adorable.


When Lovely is cross she looks very hard-faced and not femme at all. When she is laughing and smiling she looks sexy to me but she is probably not actually passable as female. If you were to see her next to a Thai woman it would be pretty clear she was born a male. Next to an Anglo woman Lovely is probably passable as a female. In low light anyway. Lol


[- civilised fees and charges discussion here -]


When we are ten minutes or so in Lovely applies a generous coat of oil to my cock and begins the HJ.


“Can you take your dress off please”?




“Can you come closer to me, maybe we can lay down together like boyfriend and girlfriend”?


She doesn't seem at all surprised and lays alongside me with her very excellent boobs close to my face and her hand still stroking steadily away on my oily cock and nuts.


It's at this stage the penny finally drops that Lovely is definitely not the sweet, innocent waif of a Foreign Uni student I believed her to be, an impression I formed mainly from her pics and our little talks on the phone.


She's really a Pro, several degrees above a novice, and a few levels above just an enthusiastic amateur. She knows exactly what a man usually wants from a Transsexual, and she also knows how to give it to him with the least compromise to herself.


She changes position so I can get my her boobs in my mouth and her stroking of my rhythm stick doesn't miss a single beat.


“Can I play with your cock”




I can't reach it from here so I get her to lay down on her back in the middle of the mat and I kneel next to her and play with her Little Brother and gently suck and lick her excellent titties. She lays back with her eyes closed while her hand pumps away steadily at my groin, and she also rolls my balls around in her fingers from time to time.


Some definite cock and ballz skillz going on.


I want to suck her Ladycock. That's a “No. I don't like.”


I want to oil her Ladycock for a slippery HJ. That's a “No. I don't like the oil on my skin. Too itchy!”


I use some spit on my fingers to lube her nob and shaft for a HJ and she says “Don't do that. Clean it off please”. So I clean my saliva off her Ladycock with the towel.


So we go on like that for a few more minutes, mutual dry masturbation as I look down at her slender, pale-skinned, teen-sized body with the good-tits.


All I can think about right now is getting some penetrative sex happening. Yeah baby! Time to play in the sand pit.


I think by this stage I was probably becoming less and less rational. I usually don't cope well with hearing the word “No” a lot, especially when I'm super horny. The dangers (to me only) are that I will either lose the urge completely, or that I will manage to get it done, but it will not be worth all the hassle and grief endured.


And then comes the single biggest shock of the whole God damn session, her Ladycock is probably a bit bigger than mine!!!!!






How can such a small little T-Lady have that? It's not like she's a Tripod, but the size certainly doesn't seem very fair to me :'(


She's a friendly, skilled, skinny little, Thai Ladyboy with a good sized cock – a cock that you are not allowed to suck on - a cock she's not willing to whop up you – a cock she won't make cum for you either.








Look in the Dictionary under frustrated and you will see a picture of me!


Time is getting along so I stop the HJ and put both my hands on her tummy and say “Can I cum here”?




I move down around her leg so I can be kneeling between her legs sort-of in kneeling sex position.


Lovely automatically brings her knees right up high to her chest like a Bottom getting ready for an arse fucking (looks like she definitely knows how to do bum sex) then she remembers we're not doing that naughty kind today, gives me a cheeky grin and lowers her legs again. Dammit!


I kneel between her legs with my groin above hers and start self stroking so I can coat her tummy-tum.


I reach for her hand and place it on my nipple. She slides towards me down the mat and uses her other oily hand on my other nipple. She hooks her legs behind my bum, pulls me forward and works my chest. Looking down at her it's a very similar visually to penetrative sex.


I kneel between her legs while Lovely works my chest and I work my own cock. When I am a second from the moment I place my nob on her tight abs, press down firmly on the top of my own shaft with my hand, and leave a good sized deposit on her teen-like soft skin.


As the tension leaves my body I start to giggle and she gives a little trilling laugh and starts the clean-up.


Lovely smiles at me and says quietly “Of course sex is much easier than massage. You can have fun straight away without all the waiting”. Cheeky little minx.


“I usually have condoms when I go for massage. Maybe we can have sex next time”


“No. I don't have sex”


Lovely reaches for a bottle and squirts some gel onto her hand and then makes me do the same.


“What's this”?


“Alcohol. To be clean. I don't trust condoms!” I clean my hands with the gel and she rubs the gel over the entire front of her body – basically everywhere the customer touched, licked or spoofed. Safe but cold.


I lay down again in the middle of the mat watching her get dressed then she leaves to get the hot towels.


She comes back with hot towels and we have some more friendly small-talk and the clean-up is very gentle and sensual. I think the real-life Lovely would be a passionate lover.


WIR – Maybe once more


PRO's – Lovely is lovely. She looks good naked. Her HJ is pretty skilled. I suppose $150 for a naked sensual 30min HJ is fine.




Lovely has pretty-much ruled-out anything that requires a condom, which obviously includes penetrative sex, finger banging, prostate play and blowjobs.


Like a lot of Trans I meet, she is willing to get hard for the customer but not happy to do much of anything else for you with her Ladycock once it is actually hard.


Lovely is aware she is not totally passable and turns the light down fairly low right from the very start. So you meet a strong faced, boyish Trans at the door. The you can have a fun sexy time with a Penis-girl in a darkened room. Then afterwards you say goodbye to a strong-faced, boyish Trans at the door.


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And then comes the single biggest shock of the whole God damn session, her Ladycock is probably a bit bigger than mine!!!!!


And she doesn't even want it...


Sounds a little OCD going on there too mate... (Her as well, I mean ;) )

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