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3 weeks post surgery



So 3 weeks down the track and as far as can I can tell, all seeming to be on track. The six holes in the guts are healing well and once the belly regrows the shaved areas, more than likely they will hardly be seen. There may be hope yet for my swimwear modelling career


The most worrying aspect so far and biggest source of any "down in the dumps" moments has been the bladder control.


Since day one, have pretty much been dry at night but daytime has been a different matter, varying from supreme confidence that I has this under control to wondering if I have any at all. Trap for new players and a tip I can pass on is with regard to the pelvic floor exercises that build the muscles that now govern bladder control.


A call to the nurse to try and get some sort of reference point or benchmark after one afternoon of despair and I complained that I had been doing the exercises religiously and had actually upped the amount, the reps and had no results. She explained it wasn't about getting the Arnold Schwarzenegger of pelvic floor muscles and that if indeed I had been doing that it would have made things worse. So have backed off the exercises and hey presto, a better result.


In other matters, very weird to try and will an erection where previously it was a raging beast that took little or no encouragement. It is only 3 weeks and I will take heart from the few chubbies and a decent halfa that have meekly raised their head so far. I suppose the poor nerves are still wondering wtf happened to that bastard prostate we used to hang around with so time will be the healer.



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