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Perth Punt Hunt

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If there was a DATY course opening, I would not hesitate to enrol and study hard. Do you know about opportunities how to learn in Perth?


Is revealing a secret of how to give good oral pleasures too much of a taboo still? Or am I just not seeing what is right in front of my eyes?


I know a good BJ is a skill that can be learned. Different men have different preferences but those are minor things. We generally like it tight and deep and then there is the third mysterious sensation that some women know how to give, I know I like it but I am not able to describe it. It just feels great and that sensation is what I know as a great blowjob.


Is that the same for DATY, is there a mysterious ingredient that will make the woman thaw? Because I think we all want the woman to thaw for us, especially if they are ready to thaw for us. Then it is a real shame if we can't make it happen.


So if you are a DATY tutor, please do contact me today ;)


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Book a private lady you admire. Tell her you want her to give you a lesson in how to deliver DATY. Then … do what the teacher says! Easy as.

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Sir Thomas TTE


You can read my DATY tutorials on www.funlovegoodsex.com.

In a word, there is no "mysterious ingredient that will make the woman thaw". Why do we "click" with some women and not with others?  Turn OFFs include being too aggressive or too timid.  Start with respect, kindness, gentleness, and that's before the physical techniques.

Good luck. Enjoy. Lots of practise.

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Yah wannah be good a DATY?


Get a girlfriend that will talk you through it. Practice practice practice.


Then get a different girlfriend that will talk you through it. Practice practice practice.




..after several years you will have some understanding of where woman bits are and what to do with them once you find them.


Then when you have attained your Masters Degree in DATY you can produce a helpful video series to help all the other guys. Could be a money spinner! :P

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