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Pathology all clear - Yeee hawww



Phone call from the doc this morning to advise that pathology result are back and confirming all cancer removed, phew. Next step will be in a few weeks when the first blood test checks the PSA (which should now reset to zero).


Sitting here this morning one very sore puppy and giving myself uppercuts for self inflicted stupidity. Have been feeling pretty good, getting around pretty easily, in general recovering well. Apart from some swelling and bruising that went to the balls and ball bag (think golf balls in a scrotum belonging to Sammy Davis Jr), has been pretty good. So why so sore? Washing the car can't be too bad can it? Wrong, very very wrong! Engaging muscles, particularly those in the guts is at the core of everything we do and as I have found out after backing the Ranger out and giving it a quick tub, not a good activity at this stage of recovery.


Apart from that, bladder control getting better. Saturday night was my first dry night without having to get up through the night woo hoo, takes me back to going through the same with my kids. During the day, where I had originally needed 6 or 7 pads per day, yesterday was a 3 pad day so improving all the time. Still, the art of farting with out peeing eludes me, reminds me of clutch starting on a hill, everything needing to be just right or you get the wrong result lol.


Learnt my lesson the hard way on alcohol too. Had my first glass(es) of wine Friday night in too long. All the literature advises alcohol to be a bladder irritant and indeed it was with a near total loss of control, best I could do was to jump in the shower (without my glass) and let the storm pass. Live and learn.


So one week post catheter removal, nearly 2 weeks post surgery and I feel it's going as good as can be asked apart from some self inflicted hiccups.




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Thanks for the update mate. You have inspired me to get tested. Hope things keep moving in the right direction.

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