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Random Brothel Exposé Generator



This is great use of technology, art, and activism!

Are you a tabloid reporter stuck for a salacious story?

This Random Brothel Exposé Generator helps you get the job done - while allowing sex workers to get their own jobs done in peace!


Tips for your brothel exposé:

→ Aim for that exciting combination of sexy and scary. Exotification and fat-shaming are additional tactics you might like to use.

→ To drum up extra indignation, juxtapose information about local property rental prices with highly optimistic projections of sex workers' earnings.

→ Ensure your readers are not disappointed by an absence of explicit sexual content - providing detailed descriptions of the establishment's decor ought to make up for this.



Recommended Comments

Nice one, although it missed:


→ Make sure your article is published in a newspaper that has a page full of ads for the brothels you are trying to demonise.

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It won't work, Nada. They need to insert town names, photos, and so on. This type of journo is too lazy to do anything like that.

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I will have to send the originators of this some links to the writings of Eamonn Duff, Nick Tabakoff (and Adam Waters before them) - but wait .... the Duff, Tabakoff and Waters articles might have been created by this generator.

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