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The Kwai-lo is a (practice) dummy



I have a young Asian lady friend that is trying to get a new massage shop up and running. We originally met and became friends a few years ago when she was working in a R&T near my house.


We had the inevitable falling out over money, but we have recently rediscovered we still like each other, even though she is very careful to not ask for too much now, and I am just as careful not to offer too much now...


She's a fun and lively person, and I've always been a sucker for a woman than can make me laugh or tell me when I'm wrong or teach me something.


Obviously I'm a little bit of a scheming, self-serving, manipulative, brothel creeper though, because my friendship with this lady regularly introduces me to plenty of young sweet and slender Asian R&T chicks, and I find this to be very entertaining.


One happy memory is when I was needed to drive to a little Asian food outlet near Box Hill that specialises in Duck. Once there my friend purchased armload's of food that I barely recognised, and then we returned to her shop for a huge after hours feast. All the ladies experimented on me with the different foods, watching my face as I would eat, and then asking in broken English what I thought. I'm pretty easy-going so I tried everything and was pleasantly surprised often. Later my lady friend quietly tells me they were all a bit shocked because they had never seen an Aussie eat their food without complaint before.


On another occasion I could tell my friend was lonely and homesick (because she would say she was lonely and homesick a dozen or so times a day) so I arrange that we go to the Chinese Temple in South Melbourne. It's Chinese New Year so we have our fortunes told for the coming year. My friend had been in Oz for a couple of years at that stage and hadn't seen so much Traditional Chinese stuff in any one place since she arrived here. I think I got some extra points for that, although truth be told, The Melbourne Chinese Association did all the work :D


My friend knows I enjoy hand-relief, and we openly joke about how I have a very small Thing - so I need an Asian girl with very small hands to make my Thing look bigger.


My friend and I are always talking about sex and family and relationships. A healthy East meets West sharing of opinions, as I have a hunger to learn about most things all the time, and she in turn has a confusing Aussie boyfriend and since she can't read English she relies on being told things about Godzown.


She is always looking for opportunities to introduce me to her friends/staff. Sometimes I think she is matchmaking. Sometimes I think it is because she doesn't like my wife and she is playing a longer game. Sometimes I think she is applying for the job of new wifey - in a passive aggressive kind of way.


On the second-last visit she wanted me to meet her very beautiful friend that is from Taiwan and wants to stay in Australia somehow/anyway possible. Just the very concept of someone saying “blakes7, I have an Asian hottie for you to date, where should we drop her off”? Raises so many possibilities and naughty thoughts that they keep me awake at night.


I can usually resist everything except temptation ;)


On the most recent visit she told me her staff/friends all live together in a share house and go to the park to play sports. She said I should come over and play soccer with them. She was very clear that these girls are strong because of their work, and that they will be hard on me in the game, so don't worry about hurting them! She said “Just think, lots of sweet Asian massage girls hitting you!”


My friend tells me life is very hard for these girls because Australia is so expensive and they want to work in massage shops for the higher pay. It seems the standard rate for guest workers in restaurants etc. seems to be about $10/hour and the hours are long. Having an Aussie “friend” with a job and a car is a huge advantage.


Which brings me to a recent adventure. After our lunch she has to go and train the new girls for her new shop. Can I help the new girls practice massage she asks?


Hymmm let me check my organiser. I think there is a window in my schedule somewhere. Which new girls?


One you met before (skinny, no English, friendly). And one very beautiful. She has many boyfriends but needs lots of massage practice fast!


“Am I that obvious and easy”? I'm thinking. “Is my tongue hanging out that much”?


Turns out – YES! Lol


So the ladies oil me, poke me and prod me, and get embarrassed, and laugh and play games and generally get used to being in a room with a big Aussie wearing only underpants. Quite a pleasant way to while away three lazy hours on a Saturday if you ask me.


The highlights were:


My lady friend needs to teach the girls how to wrap the cock in a towel so if the man gets hard it is not a problem. She gets a large Talcum powder bottle and sticks it under the towel on top of my cock. I start giggling and shaking so much the talc bottle falls out several times. On the last one my friend brushes my cock as she replaces the bottle. I immediately ask her for hand-relief for $20. Her two students are shocked. My friend calmly picks up a heavy cushion and belts me in the face with it. The tense moment passes and we all laugh long and loud.


Or when the really pretty one is rubbing my shoulders. She's new at massage and really struggling to get her hands into my big body. She ends up with her groin pressed on my head while her hands work my back. I pop my head up a little, turn to the others, smile and say “If she pushes her nice body on every mans' head, lots of men will ask her for hand-relief”. This is translated and there are gales of laughter from the other two and then lots of follow-up talk in Chinese. Gee I wish I spoke some Chinese ;)


Anyhoo, I'm enjoying all this stuff enormously and I'm truly looking forward to the next time I can be “helpful” to some sweek young thing. Lol


That's all from Uncle Pervy Wervy till next time.

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