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Private Escort - April 2014 - (TS/CD) “Steel"



Today blakes7 tries something new and takes a hard fucking




Blakes7 SexNav suggests he make a bit of a turn and he finds the unexpected journey fairly enjoyable overall. Odd to sure, but definitely enjoyable.




This is a BLOG instead of a review for two reasons, firstly the sex was an illegal in-call, and secondly because it is 60-80% about me and LGTB punting, and therefore doesn't neatly fit the common PP review format.


I'll swap her name for “Steel” due the the illegal nature of our short time together, and also “Steel” will read better than saying “she” “he” or “they” all the time.


* * *


Lately I've been reading several posts about pegging, prostate massage, anal sex, and even one comment about how every man should submit to being buggered by his lady using a strap-on! Have you purchased the Strap-on for wifey yet Mr XYZ? Lol


I find it's always interesting to read how other people go about their personal sex and relationships stuff, but I didn't read any contributions that sounded like me in all the various threads (except for the contributions I was adding - obviously).


I am also aware there is almost zero male on male sex conversation or reviews on PP. I have my theories about why this is, but I won't go into that, and I probably won't ever go into that with so many unknowns it's just speculation anyway.


I offer you this information for the sake of some variety, for some fun, and maybe to open some eyes to Trans or CD punting.


I think we can safely say I like sex. I look forward to getting naked with someone and playing with their bits on a weekly basis. I'm a huge slut, and it's fairly rare for me to see someone more than once. If I do see someone more than once, nine times out of ten it's because of how they make me feel, not their specific services or techniques.


Several things have lead me to the sex times of today.


I follow the ads on Backpage and recently there have been some noticeable price-drops for the TS/CD providers in Melbs. There also seem to a lot more Trans available for our pleasure lately. This has meant lately I am looking at TS ads a bit more than the regular biological women escort ads.


I can be a very horny and intense person, and unfortunately many sex providers respond to this by bowing to my assertive lead – essentially they become very soft and passive. It's more than a little bit annoying for me when I'm in the mood to be topped by a Trans, and when my partner and I get in the room and start the sex we both seem to be in a bit of a hurry to present our bums for a stuffing. Sigh.


I freely admit I'm a big part of the problem. I deliberately select the Trans partners that seem very gentle and femme, and so really I shouldn't be at all surprised when during the sex they aren't very keen to do me in my bum.


My current favourite “Top” Trans is Jacinta, and she has enthusiasm for dicking me which I respond to shamelessly. The down side (always a down side) is she only works mid-week, and I am usually very tired and grumpy Mon-Fri.


Another problem I have is I'm quite keen on plain old standard sex with biological woman as well. Ideally I would have a different kind of sex partner every day or so. I simply can't afford it! Instead I need to make good choices and find someone fun that will put a lasting smile on my face.


So that brings me to today. I have been wanting a Trans with good hard Ladycock to fuck me in the arse properly. I have a budget of up to $200. I prefer good boobs on my partner, but from time to time I'm ok with no boobs on my partner at all. I'm fine with a partner with strong facial features, as long as her whole manner is femme. Essentially I believe that many European women have quite heavy facial features compared to Asians, and I see a strong face as normal and it can be attractive. I'm fine with a toned athletic body, as long as their figure is slim and the skin hairless. An Asian TS would be my ideal but it's not essential. For me it's more about the width of their shoulders and how tall they are than it is about their race.


I had lunch with a female friend and we discuss massage shops, HJ's, Aussie customers seeking Asian girlfriends, and getting visits from the Police or the Council. She says “I know you have a wife, but if you were single I would introduce you to my friend from Taiwan. She is very beautiful and wants to stay in Australia.” Yes I'm being manipulated. Loving it though. I spend most of our lunch together hiding my boner under the table.


After our lunch I sit in my car examining my options. I want to bone my Asian lady-friend. That will never happen! I also want to bone her as yet unseen friend. It's weird how the chance of a shagg with someone I haven't even seen can excite me way more than pleasant memories of the hundreds of women I have actually already had sex with.


I get my Smartphone and use the Backpage app to go to Melbourne-Adult-TS. I allow my growing lust to help me pick one. When I feel some kink coming on the lust tends to be felt lower-down from my nob, closer to my balls or freckle. That's where I am now, my freckle is humming, my nob is already wet from two hours of sexy talk and me having a semi the whole time.


My eyes are drawn to a fairly new, very femme TS advertising 7 inches and her pics are really great. Clearly a beautiful woman and 100% passable, with or without a Ladycock under the dress.


But for some reason I find myself returning to looking at a fairly muscular Trans/CD, one that is guaranteeing to be “Very Active”. I remember a positive review on another site about how her massage price is all inclusive – sucking and FS.


I call her and get a good vibe over the phone. I was already planning to give her my bum to fuck before I called her, but during and after the call I find I'm really looking forward to it more and more.


I head on over, I'm a bit early and I call her to confirm stuff. Again over the phone her vibe is calm and friendly. I'm even more sure I will be fine now. I'm an emotional person and my instinct is usually a pretty good way from me to choose a nice sex partner.


She buzzes me in through security and when I knock on the door it swings wide for me to enter. I can't see her at all yet but you need to remember I've already decided I'm here to get my arse fucked! A bit shameless of me I know. Lol


In I go.




My pilot for today's flight is a muscular Asian, built more like an AFL player. As expected she has a strong face and the whole package comes off as a bloke in drag. We smile at each other and there is some teasing jokey touching and she's pinching my bum, nob and nipples. She is much more femme in her mannerisms than I expected. Flirty, friendly and clearly a smart CD. Looks mostly mannish. Acts mostly womanish.


I'm not feeling gentle, shy or girly-girl myself. If anything I am feeling very red-blooded and Manly. It's a bit difficult to reconcile all this with how I really want to feel a Ladycock deep inside me. Those jokes about a guy that takes it from behind being the bitch, or weak, or limp-wristed or and effeminate etc. are just that – jokes!


Some of you readers will probably need a label so you can call a thing a thing, and therefore short-circuit a whole lot of appreciation and acceptance of another person. :P In these terms, today I am way way way way more “Bi” than usual, and on the Kinsey scale I'm probably more of a “4” than my usual “2”. Clear?




The massage table is very solid, more like a work bench, and covered in a thick layer of clean fresh towels. An operating table for the Doc and the Doctor is in! Lol


I get naked and she praises my body and wants me to lay face down. She's in lingerie and seems like a fairly normal and happy person.


The massage is firm and unskilled, although she said she has been doing massage for two years. Her hands find my significant back problem and sail right on past it. Clearly she has no idea what to do about it. There is some ticking of my balls and bum and I laugh and giggle a bit to encourage her.


Steel kneels on the table above me and works my back for a while. I can feel her rather large heavy cock, still in it's lace panties, resting on my leg. She's not touching my bum much but my date is getting warm and even the little brushes from her fingers are having a big impact on me.


Steel moves back to standing on the floor and moves to the head of the table and works her hands along my back. Her Ladycock moves closer to my hand at the edge of the table and my hands move towards her junk a few times.


We are getting used to each other and she slips her large balls out the side of her lace panties and I hold them in my hand while she rubs my back. I start working on her ladycock with my hand using some of the sneaky tricks I learned in R&T. I get some praise and her fingertips start pushing into my bum-hole a bit.


I'm laying down flat and playing with her Ladycock using my hand. I can't see it but I can feel it growing in my hand.


And growing.


And growing. Ooooh Aaaaahh


I raise myself enough to suck her off. I get some praise. Steel seems to be a pretty happy person overall. I'm certainly no expert at this but I like T-Girls sex playmates, and some of them prefer lots of oral with no penetration. So by working backwards, if you are going to have good fun with those particular T-Girls, you need to get better at cock-sucking, whether it's really your passion or not.


While all this is going on her fingers are getting more coats of oil and she is pushing the tips more deeply inside my bum. She's tall enough that she can have her Ladycock in my mouth and still stretch forward and penetrate me with oily fingers. I quite liked this whole bit to be honest.


One weird bit was where she pulls out of my mouth and then rubs her Ladycock on the top of my head like I'm a fuck-toy or something. I'm not quite sure what this was all about. I'm trying to think of a clever joke about me being a dick-head but I just can't get it.


“Do you want me to fuck your pussy”? She says softly in my ear.


“I do. I really do want that today!” Giggle.


Steel stops rubbing my back and bum and gets several condoms and packets of lube and places then on the table near me. She gets up on the table and uses a single finger in my bum “To get you ready for me Darling. You are very tight today Darling!”


“I'm like a virgin. You will need to start very slow with me”.


She works my bum with her finger, then more fingers. She's rushing IMO and it seems the other reviewer was right – she is aiming for an early finish. She's friendly and nice but she is clearly not planning to be here all day reassuring me, cuddling, making soft love talk and being gentle. I'm definitely out of my comfort zone and her fingers are now hurting my bum. I ask for slow and she does slow down a bit – for a minute – then goes back to being a bit too rough.


It's not too bad if I'm completely honest about it, perhaps I'm just being a bit sooky. Maybe I should just man-up and take her bits in my bum without a lot of fuss. It's not painful really - as much as it's uncomfortable.


I raise myself into doggie position, wordlessly inviting inside me.


In she goes.


Yikes – a fast thrust!


Yikes x 2! Big!


She has a good one and my eyes are starting to bulge. I've completely lost my hard-on but I'm still feeling very very sexual and totally energised.


My cock is wet and dripping on the towel and she starts to strongly pump into me. Even though my cock is now soft, I think the best way to describe it is as “Goodly-painful”. I'm taking her all and she is not being very gentle, but I do feel warm all over, my heart is pounding, and every time she pulls me backwards and hard onto her spike I get a little rush. I'm pretty sure her big throbber is hitting my prostate at the bottom of every stroke - and I'm being overwhelmed with sensation from the whole groin area.


My sphincter seems stretched far too much, burning and tight around her big cock. She is reaching around and playing with my soft cock and making sex talk in my ear like “Do you like me fucking your pussy Darling”? And “Do you want to come for me while I fuck your pussy Baby”?


I'm getting used to the shafting but I can tell she is getting impatient with me. I realise she is not one for long cuddles and getting to know each other. She's a friendly, competent provider of hard pounding cock up your arse. No kissing allowed. No chit chat. No long drawn out sensuality or tease.


I catch myself counting what I don't have, instead of counting what I do have, or actually being here in the moment with her!


I take more responsibility for my own pleasure and state I will lay on my back for the rest of the fuck. She's pretty friendly and agreeable. A sort of efficient sex-buddy kind of arse fucker.


I lay on my back along the length of table expecting her to hoist my ankles above my head and fuck me from mish. Instead she hops off the table, twists me so my bum is just at the edge of the wide strong table, and then re-enters me while my feet are hooked up on her shoulders.


My cock is still soft and she is already pounding me and rubbing smoothly at my soft cock. For you guys that haven't tried getting an arse fucking. It is still possible to have good pleasurable fun even without owning a hard cock. Basically a different part of the male pleasure centre is manipulated - the prostate and all the tissue around the sphincter.


I ask her to slow down so I can get hard. Instead she slips out entirely, and waits while I use my hand to get hard. I'm really turned on so this happens pretty fast, once my bum is not being stabbed that is. Once I am fully hard she re-enters me again in one fast firm thrust. Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!


I use my own hand on my cock and the other on my nipple while she puts her whole body into really giving it to me big time.


Up until now my bum has been equally uncomfortable and pleasured. Suddenly my bum relaxes – or perhaps you could say it “collapses” – and the total absence of discomfort causes my sperm to suddenly whoosh right out of my body and spray all over my own chest like a jet. Wheeeeeeeeee!


After my last throb Steel smiles and covers me with a small towel, slips out of me and cleans herself off. She offers me a little massage to finish or would I like to take a shower.


I accept the shower option and have a quick splash to get rid of the lube.


Steel still seems fairly friendly but our date is definitely over, and I'm content to go now. She is not really rushing me out the door but she doesn't do the cuddle kiss, affection stuff. She fucks you. You cum. Then you go!


On the way back to the car I realise we got through a fair bit and I was probably in there for twenty-five minutes and had something sexy happening for twenty-two minutes of that.


On my walk back to the car and the drive home I realised I'm truly overstimulated, and within ten of fifteen minutes I'm horny again and ready for another fuck.


This variation could get very expensive very quickly.


WIR – I'm happy with what she offered, although she is not particularly femme.

PRO's – Steel is fairly friendly person and pretty good at delivering a feisty bum fucking

CON's – Steel is definitely not a GFE or even anything close to being a GFE.


Recommended Comments

Brilliant review blakes.


I was there in the room with you...it was that good.....and I felt your pain!


We obviously share some similar likes and dislikes so can empathise with many of your thoughts.


I do like the GFE and will be making enquiries to see if things like kissing and mutual oral are on the menu before going any further with any prospective booking.


Jazz did provide this service and I could venture to see her again before trying someone new?



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Nice blog Blakes7.  I could totally relate to almost everything you wrote in this experience. 


Some of you readers will probably need a label so you can call a thing a thing, and therefore short-circuit a whole lot of appreciation and acceptance of another person. :P In these terms, today I am way way way way more “Bi” than usual, and on the Kinsey scale I'm probably more of a “4” than my usual “2”. Clear?



I got a real giggle out of this part :)  From my perspective the concept of a label makes no sense... then again I'm guessing I've had more sex than the average man and just see it differently now :)



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My gut reaction to this brilliantly written and courageous post:


Even when it's sex, even Mrs ABC giving Mr XYZ a pegging, it ain’t about sex, it's about INTIMACY.


Hope that makes sense and is relevant here. If not, I post this beautiful song that I like very much, like the blog post here.


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Detailed as aways blakes, i was wincing just reading it. Braver man than me!

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Thanks Blake's - very POV. Like narsisist I think I've had a rather full sex life added up and the idea of something out of the ordinary appeals. But I'm with Rivette about the intimacy. I'm on a renewed really really good intimacy run ATM so I'm letting that run for now but prostate work and maybe TS is on the possibles list.

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