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Bodyline - 25/11/06 - Sasha

Trouser Area


Hi all,


I haven't seen Sasha reviewed on this forum, so I thought I'd better do it. I saw her a while back. She's a blonde dutch girl in her early twenties with a full figure and knockout tits. I booked her for half an hour only (fortunately). She has a terse, irritated manner and stands away from you as if you're filth. She ordered me into the shower, directed me to lie face down and began a massage that was fair, but without any trace of sensuality. She turned me over and began a very pedestrian tug. I actually had trouble getting wood as I was quite intimidated. I was desperate to play with her wonderful tits (what beautiful, full, pink-nippled E cup wonders, they are), but when I had a feel she inched away icily.


I finally finished off and she handed me a box of tissues to clean myself off. She washed her hands in the shower, then told me to shower and dress. I did so in awkward silence. She offered me a mint on the way out.


This girl rates about 1/10 for me and that's only because of those tits. That's the thing about Bodyline. Some girls make you feel special and you almost forget that you're paying, while others make you feel like you're being mugged in the street and that you're dirty and that the service is merely an inconvenient necessity to make money. Sasha is the latter.


Better you stop at home and DIY,






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