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Perth Punt Hunt

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End of Fantasy, Beginning of Hope



I start reading reviews and the blindfold goes down. Some punters have had years of experience and write insightful stuff. And same as I know how to spot a good restaurant, I begin learning how to spot a good girl. I realize I have to choose my next punts differently if I want to have a good time. I thank guys who take one for the team.


I learn there is good service and bad service, some people click some don't, what one man likes, another dislikes, what doesn't bother some, bothers others. So what bothers me? What do I and what don't I like?


Oh, and with quality comes price. It's so rare to have a great cheap punt, I read. Still, high price is not a guarantee of quality. Damn complicated business, I am thinking to myself.


And today I finally learned about google reverse picture search, now I can easily discard the ads with fake pictures. The fantasy in my head about meeting these fakes dissolves, and there is a chance of finding some gems now.


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Hi martinovak,


At the risk of stating the obvious – make sure as you travel the highways and byways of punting that you stop and take the time to really enjoy yourself.


I think you should set a goal of finding someone nice to have sex with and then making the most of her company.


Don't worry about what us guys on PP will want to read about your time with her.


Don't worry about being too picky during the session if it's not turning out as well as other peoples sessions.


Keep it simple. Have some fun sex. Try not to fall in love with the people that is making you feel so special.


Good luck with it though

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Hi Martinovak,


Google reverse image will always be your best friend......


You will find chemistry and a real connection with some ladies that's for sure.....it's called punting for a reason and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun if you just relax and keep it simple.


All the best and stay safe.


Dior x

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Thanks for the advice and views blakes7,


There seems to be the thing that some ladies let customers work for it, not being forthcoming and engaging, possibly making it uneasy to do just that 'stop and really enjoy yourself'

So maybe it is stating the obvious. However, it is good to keep that in mind.

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Thank you Dior,


You sure are a lovely and kind lady, I wish all women I meet to have personality like you.


PS: They have punting in Cambride in the UK which includes boats and poles, do you thing that there is more to punting in figurative meaning? :)

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Interestingly, Some of my best punts were from Cracker adds with fake pictures, however the pictures were chosen carefully to be close to the girl I was to meet.


The lesson i have learned is... every new punt is a gamble, you just have to roll the dice. Some times you get sevens sometimes you get snake eyes, & everything in between.  The more you punt, the more you increase the odds of finding a good one.


And I know you will.

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