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Perth Punt Hunt

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The Experience of the Blind



Aren't the ads sexy? The sweet broken English, the beautiful pictures. I am becoming obsessed. I go around some brothels, try to call some private escort girls, trying to find my gem immediately. I don't know what to expect, but at the same time I expect a lot without even knowing about it.


Arrange my first with a private Asian woman. I have some fun, but we don't really click and her bad English destroys the whole thing. I am learning the basics of punting: 'shower, blowjob, intercourse, massage, shower' procedure, turning the face because she doesn't want a kiss and is worried about that, constantly wiping me and herself and using some kind of distasteful antibacterial substance. She was crazy about the hygiene, no fingers inside and wiping every time I kiss her body. I decide I don't want such things in my life. But it's an experience.


Weeks run by and I decide to move to Perth. Before that I lived in a much smaller town, so the WA selection prompts me... Aren't the ads sexy? The sweet broken English, the beautiful pictures. I am becoming obsessed, choose some great looking ads but think better of it in the end and let it go. Had I won the lotto, I would try every one that I like.


Months go by and some money comes along too, though not from lotto. Maybe time for a second punt, experiment a little bit. But this time I fall for the fake pictures and spend an hour with a girl who does not make an effort. Maybe better looking and younger than the first I tried but I feel much worse, ripped of and disappointed. I immediately phone another one and have my third punt. I have become very sceptical by now and I am ready to walk out.


The ability to walk out is a very important, I realize. But this lady wants to keep the customer in the house and convinces me to stay and we have a fairly good time. I arrive home and see that the ads can't be trusted at all, that there is no telling. I hate being blind. I decide I need reviews of other punters and find the Punter Planet.


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