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5 Shocking Realities of Being Transgender the Media Ignores



I bet that, for most of you, nothing would feel weirder than having your dad or brother tell you he's now a woman. And for a certain percentage of people, the reaction to that news would be violent. The reality is that the entire concept of transgender people makes folks very uncomfortable, which means we're simply not talking about it enough.


I'm Amy, a 20-something trans woman living in California. You probably think of this state as a place that prides itself on diversity, acceptance, and every other kind of happy buzzword, but even people here are filled with enough bad information on transgender issues to fill a fundamentalist hate tract. I used to believe most of this misinformation myself, but now that I've been out and open for a few years, there's some things I think everyone should know ...


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Thanks Blakes7 for the read. i guess there are a lot of closed minded people out there. I have to say im a hetro guy but i must admit i get a little turned on by trans women. i know thats not the intention of this blog.

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