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Bodyline - 25/11/06 and 17/01/07 - Nadia

Trouser Area


Hi all,


I've seen Nadia at Bodyline a number of times and she's terrific. She doesn't do alot of extras ($20 for pussy touching), but her standard service is top notch. She is Swiss and very pretty, in her mid to late 20s with long dark hair. She has a beautiful tanned body with lovely shoulders and pert, expressive (C cup?) tits. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable and laughs at my jokes (like Gemma does). Her massage is oily and very sensual and her handling of wedding tackle is second-to-none. She sometimes really gets into proceedings and loves a gentle touch.


I think she's wonderful and I really like talking to her and I'd recommend her for someone who's new to punting and needs to be put at ease as well as having a great service. I rate her at about 8/10 overall.




I ventured into Bodyline yesterday expecting to have to choose between Cindy and Zoe only to find they were both not there. When I was getting out of my car, there was a girl in bikini-style lingerie hanging out at the back door who looked fantastic (tall, long, light brown hair. Hot lithe body). I presume this is Sophie? Anyway, I nearly went the intro. to get a better look, but the receptionista said Nadia was on and it's been a while since I saw her, so I booked her for an hour.


Nadia is really very pretty (I always get a surprise) and genuinely seems pleased to see me. Her extra price has gone up to $30 (touching on her), which she charmingly apologised for. Anyway, her service is fantastic, especially if you like a gentle, sensual massage. The way she caresses your neck is sheer nirvana. Her bodyslide is terrific. She allows (and seems to like) sucking of her flawless C cup breasts and responds nicely to gentle touching of her pussy. She also likes a cuddle and smells lovely. She has a couple of moves that are worth noting. 1/ She lies across you with your tool hard against her lower belly and her pussy grinding while you massage it. Fantastic. 2/ She slowly and lightly strokes your cock, while she sits astride your thigh, with her other hand flat above your cock, pressing down. It's a wonderful sensation and gives you a monster hard-on. She handles wedding tackle like an owner/operator. I think the sight of her doing this second move might be one of the best views in RnT. While she was doing it yesterday, she had a look of concentration on her face, but she caught me looking and gave me a wry smile. I thought to myself that this girl, with her beautiful long hair (tied back and a little bit unruly), her beautiful brown breasts and shoulders, a light glow of perspiration breaking out on her forehead and her lovely pussy gently grinding into my hand, is someone I could fall for. What a girl.


After a session with her, she always likes a laugh and a chat and doesn't mind talking about big issues either (get her going on nuclear power sometime, she gets pretty fired up). I still rate her a high 8/10. A few more extras would push her up to 9/10, but she's a very good all-rounder.


I haven't seen her reviewed much on the forums (just once on SDU) and I don't know why, because she's top flight.


Cheers TA


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