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Outdoor sex rocks!

Tara Rhoades


I have a story to tell you all.. Please gather around the camp fire :P


I was sitting on chat one night when I was talking to a potential client. He expressed to me he wanted to have some crazy sex.. I thought to myself.. Well, you are talking to the right woman, crazy is my forte. I told him about all the dirty things I like to do and then came the brilliant suggestion... What about outdoors sex? I hadn't actually done anything like this with a client before and immediately I felt myself getting wet. For the purpose of this story let us call the gentleman mr x. Before I knew it Mr x and I were organising a time to do it in the great outdoors... THAT NIGHT. Yummy. So I think to myself where would be a good place to do the deed. I first thought of doing it in his car in a carpark like myer... I had heard this from someone before.. This didn't tickle mr x's fancy. Finally after a few suggestions we landed on the botanical gardens. This is two blocks away from where I was staying. I usually dress in what I would consider classy clothing. Tonight was not going to be a classy night though. So I throw on a black dress... No bra.. No panties.. Black high heels. Bright red lipstick. I felt I looked the part with my tits nearly falling out of my dress every step I took. Mr x texted to say he was down stairs and we walked to the gardens. I told him to sit on a park bench that was in dimmer lighting.. We started the obvious shenanigans. He was very excited indeed! I kept looking about as the idea of getting caught was very exciting for me.. Finally a man walking his dog came to the end of the pathway.. We were half way down the path doing the deed. I said to mr x look someone is coming! Mr x promptly came as well :)


Next week I am giving him head while he drives to mt cootha and we are going to fuck at the lookout.. I can't wait. hehe.


Apart from the obvious boasting B) I'd also like to know.. Are there any other outdoor folks around who can give me some ideas on where to fuck outdoors in Brisbane. Preferably close-ish to the city..





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I have one word for you Alice . . . Roundabouts. Yes you heard me right, roundabouts. It has always been one on my bucketlist.


There are a couple in particular that spring to mind. One on the Sunshine Motorway at the Coolum Beach exit, but a little closer to town is near S tLucia. It has hedges most of the way around the outside and a grassy area within. Very heavily trafficed but everyone is going past so fast, watching other traffic, that I dont imagine anyone would even notice hehehe Hearing all that noise around you, watching all the cars pass the gaps in the hedges . . . it would be quite exhillerating I think.

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I would have never thought of a roundabout! That is great idea Mick!! I will have to add that one to my bucket list as well.. Thank you!



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What's the point of having public sex where there is no public around? :lol:


Choose a place with people around, casually straddling him over your panty less dress.... ;)

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I like the idea of screwing up against a hotel window a few stories up. Everyone can watch but no one is going to give you a hard time.

I want to try it.

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Your Male Escort Leo


Mmm, sounds lovely! Outdoor sex is great fun.. especially in the botanic gardens with a client! :) xxx

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I like the idea, the risk of getting caught can be a turn on, thanks you got me thinking lol

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king george square in city... there is corner which is discrete (hard for people to notice) but still gives you the view of whole square. so you can enjoy the view while you do the "good deed". obviously i can't give out that "corner" unless I have the pleasure of doing the "deed" 

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not quite "outdoors" but I have always wanted to do it in a change room full of people....

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What about just getting it on in front of everybody give them a show be it in the mall just have bail money handy or at someone house party lol that be something to see

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Yeah, I've done the hotel window thing opposite a office complex. Doggie with her face/boobs on the window to the cheering, clapping masses in the office next door. Great fun for both of us, she even took a bow before we closed the blinds.

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The Mantra at Southbank (Brisbane) has a pool, one end of which is an underwater glass wall which overlooks the street below. I've had jiggery pokery up against that wall late one evening. I suspect passers by got more than they bargained for if they looked up!


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