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Stripping vs. Brothel; 2 wks in Sydney will be fun



SYDNEY HERE I CUM!! So I left dancing and went escorting,...better for lazyness, environment adaption was a constant challenge,..one guy had a lovely house but Tourette's syndrome & kept telling me to "fuck off now"! Another guy was a trade and sexy and we had the whole factory workshop to ourselves!

but my well sculpteded dancers body began to suffer. And the lack of pole work. So I did both and then my asshole wanker boss Neil Hancock fired me cos he cant count $$$ for his banking, so after 4 yrs of doing his smelly ass a favor & doing his errands,..and the I got the blame for it & so I resisted the urge to throw a Molotov cocktail through his window. (I all Think we have had an asshole boss in our lives, and Neil was mine)!!!

So, now I try brothel work and see the difference. :) fingers crossed & legs open!!!

I arrive wed 19th and will be at penthouse or available for private escort!' :) xxx sexy Sarah


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angel-baybe monet


You''ll do well--I know what you mean about losing dancer body--same thing happened to me, but I'm getting my toned legs back-yeaaaah!

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