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Adventures with 'Special Needs Dick'

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When 'special needs' means 'special needs' and not the 'special needs' of what most consider 'special needs'

ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


I must start off by apologising if you are confused with the title of this particular entry.... I will try to explain my definition of 'special needs'....

For most readers, the vision of 'adventures with a special needs Dick' would conjure thoughts and visions of a wheelchair or penis pump.... These are quite rightly so but in this case the 'special needs Dick' is more of a mental or spiritual need.....


I liken my Dick to be an extension of my own interests and therefore he too should be able to enjoy all aspects of culture and exploration as do I.... I like to explore caves, rainforests and mountains.... Therefore my Dick gets opportunities to explore his version of caves, rainforests and mountains... Only his version is inside pussy, around the vegetation of pussy and exploring titties...and they must be exotic....Exotic is Dick's special need.


I like to visit Asia... no matter whether it is Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China or South Korea... I like trying the different foods and seeing the cultural aspects that these places have that make them unique.

My Dick should also have this opportunity to travel but in a style that Dick can appreciate....Luckily, for Dick all of the above cultures have a method of cultural interprestation that he can understand perfectly..... Whether it is recieving an oral performance or as a 'lead your own adventure' he is not left out of the experience.... Sometimes Dick has been fortunate enough to be able to sample two of these different cultures at the same time.... Lucky Dick...! Sometimes although rather sad, is the rare time that the cultural ambassador presenting on behalf of one of these fine countries has turned out to be more interested in giving their interpretation of marine biology via a starfish act..... Dick has seen enough of starfish and reviews accordingly....


I like my asian girls well educated.......I also like them even more when they fuck like there is no tomorrow and suck cock like it is the last sushi roll they are ever going to get.....Dick also likes this, although he is not as much fussed about the exact education aspect. Dick appreciates fine art..... He appreciates performance as a form of fine art. Being able to role play is a great joy for Dick...He likes to roleplay being 'the last existing sushi roll on earth'. He hopes this art will take lots of practice to master....... Dick is a perfectionist........that is why it is always an adventure with special needs Dick


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OMG Ethan, mate what can I say other than to whole heartedly agree with you.


You are one special needs Dick my friend, and you are in the best of company.


Thank you

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ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


Funny thing is that when I was in my early 20's only 'blue eyed, blonde Northern European's' tuned my head and that was all I wanted...... If I had of discovered the pleasures in the East back then.........fuck knows where I'd be now..... I am pretty sure it would be probably hooked up with a couple of Thai or Chinese sisters! (Still not too late for that!

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Just read this, fantastic, why do we reach mid life before we get it

Great read Ethan and your blog deserves another front page follow up

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