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Adventures with 'Special Needs Dick'

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Memoirs of deeds in the great outdoors!

ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


I don't think I have many GF's that I have not had a romp with in the great outdoors..... I have not incuded most of the online dating chicks as most of those were a short fling to get me over the line until then next one came along. (a bit like spiderman using his web... going from one building to the next!


I have been thinking about this and there are numerous great locations around the country that one go be fairly certain that you won't see another living soul if you both decide to stop for a 'decent no time limit shag'


I have shagged myself around Wilson's Prom.... There are many beaches that have ample dunes that privacy is almost certain... I do not mean near the main campsite... I am talking a few km's away down some of the walking trails.... I managed to shag every long term GF at this spot. I have a theory that 'If you can't get into her knickers at the Prom.... it's not gonna happen!' I enjoyed several decent fucks on the beach at Sealers Cove... Not near the camp site but about 3kms around the other side of the cove.... If anyone starts walking around towards you you can see them coming from 2km's off... Plenty of time to keep going for a bit and finish with a few more positions without being caught... Of course they might have binoculars but that is why the dune action is a goer!


Mt Bishop is another good spot... Can be a bit risky during the day with tourists etc but at night rarely does anyone venture up to the top.... fantastic spot and I do recall getting a magnificent BJ from an ex whilst the sun was setting.


I have blown a few loads into some rivers of the years.... The Snowy river was a full on fuck session that went for about an hour.... Was the weekend after easter a few years ago and was during the week so no one was around at all... It was not far off the NSW/VIC border and I must say I am glad the screamer I had at the time was here and not in a more public place.....

The Macalister River in Vic has also assisted with a few of the ex GF's getting laid.... I did two of them a few years apart whilst I was rafting just down stream from Licola..... It was during the week and again the chance of someone else coming downstream was possible but unlikely...

The Latrobe River saw my 3rd GF give me a near perfect BJ.... As we had liloed downstream she did not realise that there was a family camping about 40 metres further downstream from where she decided to perform the deed..... She loved the dirty talk was not holding back in verbalising of 'Where I should stick my cock and how hard I should be putting it in and how she wanted to be fucked like a real woman'......The looks on the parents faces were priceless when we dragged our lilos from the weater and followed a little wombat track that lead straight to their campsite..... Fucked if I know how one of the kids had not come over to investigate the sound


Going up to QLD gives a few good locations aswell.... I can't remember where exactly but I do recall going into an old abandoned farmhouse on the RHS of the Newell Highway not far from Narandera.... Of course the GF at the time thought we were going in to take some landscape shots...... The only landscape I was interested wwere her clothes being part of the landscape.... Nobody for miles but she still thought we would get caught.... Ahhhhh young love!


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