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Adventures with 'Special Needs Dick'

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Those comic book X-Ray glasses would have been handy

ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


Do you remember the ads that appeared in comic books during the 1970's and 1980's? I think they were virtually the same during the 60's but I mean the ones that offered -xray glasses for $1 or a box of plastic soldiers for $1... There was even the mermaids for $1 but I think they were actually just Brine Shrimp! I always wanted to get something from one of these ads but the addresses were always in the US and even when I filled out the small details box I had no idea what a Zip code was?


I visitied a community organisation which has volunteers doing all kinds of stuff. Not long after I was there a new volunteer turned up and she did stand out from the crowd.... For starters she was not retired, affected by medication or looking like she should be hanging around a Cathedral bell rope on the hour. She was a bit of a looker and had that innocent MILF thing happening. I think I may have ben spotted smiling while I checked her out quickly....During the conversation with a staff member I was asked why I did not consider to volunteer my time like some of the others.....(Was this an innocent question or was it asked to give me an opportunity?)

In a split second my mind was thinking Yes / No / Yes / No... I could easily see how i could easily end up trying to develop something with this hot new milf and we would be both new on the same day etc etc etc... My response may seem rather odd ...

"No! I would end up getting myself in trouble"......(Fuck! I didn't mean to say that.....so I added a bit very quickly so as not to appear obvious) ...."I would end up spending more time doing stuff here than what I should be doing" Phew.... That at least made me sound a bit more professional!


I am sure every guy has had similar moments like this one but I do wish that I had bought those comic book xray glasses..... They would have come in handy at that time.... What will become of me and the milf? Probably nothing as somethings are best left in the fantasy world! Of course, i will still be trying to visualise what was going on underneath and the 'xray glasses in my mind' will no doubt be trying to focus on that aspect.......in the meantime I searched and came up with a replica of the milf and how I imagine she is... I am being positive not what she might look like! LOL!blogentry-27665-0-54865200-1394679867_thumb.jpg


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