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Ready set go - Surgery here we come



So since the confirmation of cancer a whirlwind of activity.


Choice one, which type of surgery, open or robotic. Being self employed = no work no pay so the difference in recovery time was the deciding factor. 4 weeks off work v 8-12. Robotic much less invasive, 4 small cuts in the guts and better precision.


Cost? Nearly fell off the seat, private patient to one of the best isn't cheap, $12k + anaesthetist + post op pathology + hospital + travel from the bush. If it comes out under $17k I will be surprised.....damn, a lot of good punting money being left on the operating table. Yet to find out how much Mr Medicare and Medibank will refund but not likely to be too generous I suspect.


For now, just need to prep for the op on the 22nd April, darn hard having to wait...a bit like jumping in a cold pool, you know it's coming but sometimes the only way to do it is to just jump straight in. Unfortunately can't happen as have to wait for the prostate to settle down after the biopsy. Good news on that front is that 3 weeks after, no more blood in the money shot so might get a punt or two in before enforced lay off, which doctor reckons may be 12 - 18 months, maybe the Moska I bought will help....we'll see!


One piece of advice, if you are given the choice between getting knocked out and staying awake for a biopsy, take the knock out option.


A last roll of the dice though, have engaged a naturopath and am on paw paw extract and curcumin (Tumeric extract). Intend to get a blood test a week out from the op and have every bloody thing that can be crossed crossed that they make a difference.


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Someone I know had good Private Health cover and after all the rebates and refunds they worked out that it cost them less a few nights stay in a CBD hotel.


I think you could save a few Roubles by waving goodbye to the Naturopath. Maybe sue them for peddling shonk while you're at it ;)


Good luck with the C though

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Yes deep down I know you are probably right  Blakes, and is it likely to change the course ....well no. But, you never know. If anyone has a bridge to sell right now, I am probably a good prospect.

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