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The dark side



Last night was slow, I've had to stay the night at work and do a day shift. I hate day shifts >. < but the other working ladies are friendlier. I have learnt a lot about the industry today. How it's really run. What happens when the girls clock off.


As the receptionist sat down to join us for a smoke, whilst I was regaled with stories of the prostitution glory days, I noticed the receptionist had a smudge on her face, when she wiped it, it looked greasy. 'Oh yeah, I copped a blow-torch to the head this morning'. Yep. Smacked in the face with a dirty great big blow torch. Wow. I have never been beaten by a man before. My father never laid a finger on my mother. This was pretty confronting for me but seemed to be a common point of discussion as non of the girls bat an eye at it.


An hour later the conversation turned to another WL. A lady called, let's say, Janet. Apparently Janet was no longer working at this venue because she stole a lot of drugs and money and had gone into hiding interstate. Then I found all about the drug industry and spies. How girls will be sent into a parlour to check out the drug use and see if anybody would be willing to buy. Clients as well as fellow workers. If a place has a lot of drug use the girl will start selling and even see if the guys behind the scenes would be willing to buy a parlour. As a way of securing a brothel as a drug business.


I have never used ice. I hate needles. I've smoked some pot and tried e but I didn't like it. I am basically a drug virgin and was horrified to learn that drugs are what runs a lot of parlours. Thankfully the owner of where I work has very little to do with the venue and is very clean. But he is supposed to be selling soon and I am so worried about being around drugs. I guess it's par for the course.


I've never worked with any junkies, thankfully. I've noticed a few girls who were a little edgy. I think they get more bookings.


I think I'll definitely have to try escorting.


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ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


No matter the venue or type of place in general.... The drug scene is the most dodgiest around...... So far don't think I have done any asian WL into them... Sounds like a pretty ordinary place you are at at the moment too!

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Frankie, really enjoy reading your blog entries, please keep them coming.

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