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gift giving



Has any punter given a gift of lingerie to a lady? I have a lady thst I see when shes in town and have for about 8 years. She and I have a chemistry the problrm is she visits bris infrequently now. I've tried a few other ladies snd even taken gifts like lingerie with me but it doesnt seem to be appreciated.


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I have never given lingerie (hate the stuff) but one lady gave me a list of possible gifts and lingerie was on it. I opted for something else (and based on her reaction I chose well).


PS - I asked for the list.

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At least you can give her what she likes nothing worse than giving a gift when you have all good intentions and the girls don't want it

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Sir Thomas TTE


I was going to a couple of years back for a special FB.  Had her size (38DD) but when I went shopping I realised just how hopeless I was and didn't have a  clue as to which of the hundreds available would be her taste.

I settled on a simple silky cami night shirt, which she loved and I enjoyed removing.

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I had a WL give me a present. It was a small knick knack gift she bought back for me from South Korea.... Was pretty awesome feeling knowing that she had thought about me while she was at home I had a postcard attached and was written out to me. She had kept it for a few weeks hopeing I would venture in to look for her again. I still have it on my shelf... Would much prefer her on my shelf though!

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I haven't received lingerie, but I have been given vouchers for shops to purchase something myself. Sizes can be so varied, and I would prefer to pick something out myself, especially if it is with a man in mind for our next booking and just for his eyes only.

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I often give my special WL a gift of lingerie and she always loves it. Some times tho I have ripped it to shreds getting to her but she loves that too

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