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The Private SW Experience

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Private SWs



I have recently been seeing private SWs, having previously visited brothels on Sydney's North Shore. I have to say that my experience of private SWs has been disappointing; here are my reasons why.


1. Photos of the girls are misleading: I have been using Private Girls website to find girls I would like to see, however the pictures on the site must have been taken after the girls have been working out for a while or photo shopped as they slim with sexy curves in the right places, however in reality have put on weight. Two girls I have seen had fat folds on their back, which were not there when I re-checked their pictures!


2. Girls not showing faces, not so attractive: I have been surprised when I have turned up at a girls place to see her face for the first time. I can say it can make a big difference on how appealing a girl is, especially when you are about to have sex with her. I just wish more girls would start showing their faces on the website as the would help in making a decision to see or not to see a girl.


3. CBD does not always mean CBD: There seems to be a notion that most punters are in the CBD and therefore if you put this as your location, you will get a lot of bookings. It's very annoying when I have found a girl I would like to meet states that she is located in the CBD but is actually located in the Inner West, which I only found out once I had made a booking and had to cancel because I would have to take a half hour taxi ride to her place. Not so good when you work in the CBD, don't have a car and limited for time.


4. Small shoe box apartments do not equal luxury apartment: When the description states "luxury CBD apartment" you expect a certain level of comfort, which includes air conditioning that works! Although I am not expecting a penthouse in the sky, I am also not expecting a tiny shoebox. Unfortunately, these shoeboxes because hot and muggy during the day in summer, and even hotter while having sex and therefore having the air conditioning on would make things more comfortable.


5. What is with the huge price tag! Compared to a brothel charging $300 per hour, I have come away from a seeing a private SW thinking that I just got ripped off. There are a few girls who go on about them running a business and they have costs- fair enough, but what services are they offering that is different from a SW in a brothel, maybe a BBBJ and some letting you CIM, that's about it. Its just a cash grab by young SWs wanting to set themselves up and life the high life before they loose their looks, because when they turn 30 and if still on the game, will be down to charging $400 per hour or less.


I would love to hear what other punters have experienced seeing private SW. I have found a brothel where a girl I used to see before is working so have decided to save some money and see her instead of private SWs.

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Bakshish2012, It sounds like your attempts to source a good PSW have been, shall we say hit and miss.


Maybe it is because I get the chance so rarely to play, and so much time in between to research using PP reviews, that I dont seem to have this problem.


May i suggest a little more in depth research is in order to enjoy the value of the extra dollars you are spending now.

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