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Bodyline - 26/11/06 - Candy and Shannon (+ 20/06/07 update)

Trouser Area



Hi all,


Another couple of Bodyline ladies to review. I reviewed them together as they are similar in many ways. Both provide a no-nonsense, intense sevice with extras. They are both Australian, over 40 (by my reckoning) and, without being mean, are not exactly oil paintings. I went through a period where the young, pretty types kept leaving me disappointed and out of pocket, so I tried some of the more mature, experienced ladies. Both ladies are easy going and pleasant to chat to.






She began an hour booking with a very good sensual, back massage (oil) with not too much chat. She quickly got onto what seems to be her specialty. She massages your date with an oily thumb (no insertion, though I didn't ask) while she works your cock with the other hand. At first I thought it was too firm, but got to like it and found that she could keep me at the point of orgasm without going over. Great control and she stands very close and kind of cuddles up. I also reached around and massaged her pussy, which she encouraged (by word and deed). I reckon she did this for half an our before I had a huge finish. I was left helpless and gasping like a fish on a pier, while she had a chuckle to herself and hit the shower. I left happy but weak. Highly recommended if you're jack of show-ponies. 8/10 overall (looks 4/10, service 9/10, manner 7/10).






I've seen her twice. Shé's got a good tanned body with pert tits (Bs) and a fantastic arse. She wears heavy rimmed glasses through the booking.


The first time was for half an hour. She offered touching on her - $25, oral on me - $25. I went for touching on her.


She began with a fine back massage with nice touching of inner thighs and arse and lots of body contact and heavy breathing. She turned me over and began to work my cock then slid her hand back and forth along my arse crack while her forearm slid over my cock. This really fired me up and then she slid her finger into my date and I went off in a huge way, hitting myself square in the face. I thought that was pretty funny, but she reckoned it turned her on. Excellent.


I'd rate this as the best half hour booking I've ever had.


The second time I went for an hour. She did bodysliding this time (she explained that the last time she'd had a crook back that prevented getting up on a table) and I opted for touching on her. The massage was good again, but this time there was alot more finger-in-the-date work. I'm not normally a fan of this and found this time it went on too long and began to hurt a little, so I had to ask her to ease up. She turned me over and I massaged her puss and sucked her nipples, which made her groan and get pretty wet. She did the same move as last time, with the hand sliding along my arse and cock on forearm and did more finger insertion. Another great finish was achieved, but somehow, the second time didn't have the intensity of the first. I still give her an 8/10 overall (looks 6/10, service 8/10, manner 8/10).


Party on, TA




On spec, I went into a very busy Bodyline last week and found three girls available, including Ashley and Shannon. I saw Ashley the week before and, while it was as good as ever, I decided this time to have a run with Shannon. I saw her ages ago and had a great session . Anyway, she walked me to the room and my heart was sinking. She never really did it for me in the looks department, and this time I really was thinking that I'd made a mistake. She's about 50 odd and not in very good trim. I really felt like I was about to be jumped by an old friend of the family or an aunt. Ewww.


While the session I had last time was really well done, this one was only average and the date work, that featured so memorably before, was lacking. I struggled to finish and had to shut my eyes and use my imagination to do so.


I don't want to be nasty and Shannon is pretty nice to talk to and all, she is not really my cup of tea any more. I have to downgrade her rating, I'm afraid.


Looks 3/10 Service 6/10 Manner 6/10 Overall 5/10


Cheers, TA



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