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The Newcastle Report



blog-0989403001390793865.jpgFor those who are in or visiting Newcastle this is for those looking for a punt I thought I'd share my own intel.


A1 Temptations


Located in the light industrial suburb of Sandgate and opposite Newcastle's biggest cemetery. Is an old house that's been converted with an entrance at the rear with off street parking. It standout like sore thumb being painted orange with purple trim. Has 4 playrooms. In my visits there usually would have around up to half a dozen ladies on offer. I've had up to 5 to choose from in one intro.


I don't know if it's because I've been a regular there or not but it has been quite some time since I had intros in the foyer. Ladies there are of all ages. I've seen ones from 19 to about 50.


Rates: $210p/h for full service





This establishment is one of a few in the Newcastle CBD, Was originally called GiGi's. According to my sources it use to be a mix of both Asian and Australian ladies. This place shut down and reopened under the name Moonlights and is now all Aussie girls and the Asian girls who were there have now moved down to the Asian Star which has it's entrance located in Devonshire Street.


It advertises as having ladies 18-30 though I'd have to say the 2 ladies I've seen there when I've been there have been closer to my age. (Nearly mid 30s) Not that it's a bad thing cause unless I have something in mind when I have a punt I choose ladies who I'd want as a girlfriend. ie closer to my own age girl next door types.


Rates: $210p/h for full service. Recently went up from $190



Mature Darlings


After seeing an ad for this establishment in the Newcastle Herald about 2 months ago I decided I would check it out when I came back from my holiday. After a bit of research I discovered that this place use to be called Seduce. Located in the suburb of Broadmeadow and is next to the Sunnyside Tavern. Also I heard from a source that it mainly had more mature ladies. I don't know if there has been a change in management there or not but they changed their name to Mature Darlings I think deciding to specialist in mature ladies. In fact it's web site states all over 30s ladies. For me it's nice to see an establishment catering to a niche market. (If only there would be the same catering for those of us who like full bush)


When I was let in by the receptionist the first thing she asked me was "You Do Realise That This Is A Mature Establishment?" Which makes me think that they must get some punters there thinking that it's a normal parlour with youngens.


Rates: $230p/h for Full Service



Luscious Lani


The only private girl I've seen in my home town.

First saw her when she was at A1 Temptations and finally got round to seeing her privately as my Valentine's Day punt. I had her come to my place but I believe she has a place for Incalls as well. Offers real GFE and is a real pocket rocket. Both my "matches" with her have been 2 of my best.


Rates: $350p/h for Full Service.


That's just a taste of what's on offer in my home town.

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I think this deserves a thread in NSW Q&A, not just hidden away in a blog


Thanks Ian

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