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Bodyline - 09/08/07 - Ginger

Trouser Area


Hi all.


I rang Bodilinx yesterday and none of the greats were on, so I rather despondently rang Bodyline:


TA: Morning. Can you please tell me who's on today?


Val: Cara, Jasmine, somebody, somebody, blah, blah, blah, Ginger, blah, blah........


TA: Ginger? Hellooo.


So I booked Ginger for an hour. She wasn't meant to be there, but had taken on the extra shift. The gods of R'n'T had smiled on me. Ginger worked at Bodyline a year ago and left to go to WA amid much blubbing from me and a few others (right Paddles?).


Ginger is a cheery lass who can talk and talk and talk. Fortunately, once the oil is applied she stops, but there is a worrying 10 minutes at the beginning of the session when you wonder if she'll ever be quiet. I like her alot and find her very cute. Her looks pretty much match "my type". She is very quite short, with a medium build. She has long black hair with mediterranean looks and manner (lots of "oh my Gods"), but a slight English accent. She must be about late 30s (from something she said), but could pass for late 20s. She has a very light complexion, B cup breasts and while there is evidence that she has had a nipper at some stage (for you dudes who have a strict requirement for no stretch marks), she has a sweet body and a lovely arse. Oh and by the way, she is not shaved, but neatly trimmed, for those of you who remember with fondness, an age when chicks carried maps.


Her back massage was excellent (baby oil), with a nice nice mix of sensuous and therapeutic. She then did a very good bodyslide with some nice wandering hands to my cods. Turn over and she began to bodyslide with teasing touches to my tool while I sucked her nipples and kissed her body. She must get pretty turned on by this, because she turned around to let me touch her pussy which I found was running like a tap. Absolutely magnificent and classic Ginger. I massaged her there for some time, whereupon she turned around straddled me and lowered herself onto my face. Bliss. God, I've missed you Ginger! She tasted beautiful and really got into it, pushing back onto me so that I had to fight for air. She leaned back to finish off and at the same time gently and beautifully handled me to an intense mutual ending.


Ginger is a rare lady these days in that there is NO discussion of extras, she just gives what she feels like, depending on whether she likes you. As it should be. She actually told me that the lads who storm in with a list of demands get nothing from her and she NEVER does BJs and doesn't DFK. She's pretty feisty and will not respond well to bullying.


Sadly, I am thinking that I might never have the chance to see her again as I never get weekends off, but I can hope that one day she'll again take an extra shift on a day when I happen to be strolling by.


Cheers all, TA


PS - I saw a blonde young lass in the corridor as Ginger and I were going to the room. who made my jaw hit the deck. I don't know who she is, but she's plenty nice. A real kitten (it wasn't Shea, she wasn't on). I've got to find a way to get in there more often!




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