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Bodyline - 20/08/07 - Billie

Trouser Area



Some annual leave gives me an opportunity to catch up on things other than work this week. Hmmmm, will I mow the lawn? Do my tax? Visit a sick friend or a frail relative? Volunteer work? Sadly the answer is "no" for I wish to sample the flesh pots of Melbourne.


Last night I rang Bodyline for a line-up. A very lack-lustre list was read to me until I heard "Billie". I've read many reviews by high profiled and well credentialed punters and I have seen her at intro, but now it was time to see for myself what Billie could do. An hour booking seemed appropriate.


Billie is indeed a stunning looking girl of about 25. Tanned, tall (really tall) and toned. The sort of girl who gets boys and state netball scouts licking their lips. Medium-length, blonded hair with a pretty face and a nice smile. She has small extremely appealing, perky tits. She came into the lounge to find me, a vision in a very tiny piece of black lingerie (her, not me). As I followed her out of the room, an old dude sitting there caught my eye and muttered, "Bastard" to which I replied, "Suffer", leaving him to meet his fate with the also-rans.


At the room, a little chit-chat and then we discussed extras. *Sigh* Extras. She does Spanish (Ole), esrever edilsydob, and oral. $25 each or $75 for the lot. I went for the latter two for $50.


The chase. Billie gave a wonderful massage, with hot lotion, which was a very well-practised combination of firm and sensual moves. Her use of finger nails is sublime. Lots of reach under as well as lovely, warm and well-lubricated bodysliding. Oh yeah, and huffy-puffy in my ear (anyone who's been with her will recognise this noise: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa).


Turn over. She is a good looking lass. Built. I admired her superstructure while she coated me in Sorbelene and massaged me beautifully. The way she gently ran her hands over my penis was fantastic. Expert handling. She did a little Spanish work which felt terrific then turned around for the reverse bodyslide. Her pussy is semi-shaved and a very pretty object to behold. I went to touch it and got a fairly stern rebuff, "Hey, you know the rules at this place" she said, "the more you pay, the more you play". At this point I started to work out how much I'd forked out already and decided to forego any further extras, opting to merely enjoy the view while she stroked and teased my tackle.. So she turned around and pushed her belly against my turgid tool and stroked me to a high quality finish.


A shower, a little more chat and into the night I go, happy, though a tiny bit miffed. And here's why..


The more observant reader will be asking "Hoy Trouser. I thought you asked for Oral, not Spanish" and correct you are. I think once she 'd done a little Spanish she decided that she'd not bother with the oral. I didn't ask her about it as I was having a good time and who wants to spoil it with an argument, but it niggled me later. EXTRAS. BLOODY EXTRAS. I hate negotiating for them and I hate paying too much for them. I know there'll be blokes thinking that I'm being unreasonable about this as most girls charge for extras, but I really dislike the itemised format ("this'll cost you 25, this'll cost you 50"). I don't mind so much if a girl charges a general extra fee and then lets the session flow after that, but if you pay for services specifically, then you tend to dwell on when you're going to get them which tends to destroy the illusion of intimacy. Perhaps I've been spoiled; my last five punts before Billie were with RnT girls who didn't charge for extras and were very generous with their service. And don't think I'm simply looking to save money. If I find a lass who doesn't mention extras and then gives a great service, they get a tip and lots of repeat visits.


I've said my piece. Don't get me wrong, I'd see Billie again. She was terrific, but I'm not breaking my neck to get back there.


A score? Oh, I dunno. Looks: 9/10 Service 8/10 Bedside manner: 7/10. Overall, a high 7/10 which could well improve on a return.


Cheers, TA





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