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Does anyone know if this dancer named Jessie still works @ Kittens Sth Melb? I want another private show with her....



Hey guys,


I'm coming down to Melbourne this weekend, & plan to go to Kittens South Melbourne again, and I was wondering if this dancer named Jessie still works there? If anyone here has been to, currently works there, or has worked at this joint in the past, you'll know that Jessie has blonde curly hair & tats on her arms. I got a show with her last time I was there in September, and I'd love to get another show with her again - as she was fantastic, to say the least.....


To narrow it down even further, she featured in ZOO mag in the past. I asked her this at first as I did recognise her from ZOO & she said yes, she did feature in that mag.


As far as I'm concerned, she's the life of Kittens & the life of Melbourne! So if anyone can please tell me if she's still works there & if she does, if she's on at all this weekend? Or any coming weekends? Because I do want a show with her!


Thanks heaps!

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