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Andrew Hunter died yesterday :(



He has been amazing sex work activist .





This year, we lost few really amazing influential activists that made HUGE contributions to the global sex work community .


Andrew Hunter is responsible for Asian Pacific Network of Sex Work. and global network of sex work - he gave voice to the most marginalised of the sex industry in places like Cambodia and Thailand, helping to raise issues about raids in name of anti-trafficking effort.


Gabriella Leite was also someone who has devoted her whole life to organising sex workers in Brazil. She has fought to reject PEPFAR funds so many NGO's received from USA that conflated trafficking with sex work. In order to receive money, NGO's had to sign agreeing that they will not work with sex workers - as this increase trafficking. Obviously, this goes against every HIV prevention efforts of many organisation. Brazil has received attention for refusing $40M in U.S. AIDS Grants To Protest Policy .






We also lost Al Goldstein. He was not specifically a sex work activist, but fought hard for freedom of speech - using his own money and risking jail time. He was influential in my life as many of my best friends , pornographers and journalists worked at his SCREW magazine. These - along with people from electronic frontier foundation were my friends in my earlier developing years and makes me who I am today.




RIP. Community has lost amazing people this year. .


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