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Dick Hardalday: Take on me

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An audience with Nadine St. Ives (abridged version)




Kissing Nadine, Dick felt as if he partaking in some rare delicacy. He savoured the taste of her and the softness of her lips. As comfortable as she was with conversation, Nadine was equally comfortable with the intimate art of the kiss.

She reached over Dick, removing her glasses and placing them on the nightstand. He could not detect any trace of perfume, but she was trailing a pleasant fragrance of soap and water.

Nadine stood with her back to him, coyly dipping her nose below her shoulder line giving her neck a long, graceful appearance. She peered back over her shoulder at him. Her piercing emerald eyes sending Dick a silent invitation to defrock.

The zipper ran down the back of the dress, tracing the sleek contours of Nadine's spine. Dick pulled at the zipper and the dress began to melt apart like a hot knife through butter. Between the parting fabric Dick spied more of Nadine's milky complexion and the rear clasp of a red satin bra. The dress slipped off Nadine's shoulders and dropped to the floor in a puddle around her feet. Beneath the sexy corporate attire, Nadine sported a pair of red satin panties matching her perky red bra.

There was as supple yet delicate quality to Nadine's body. A diminished waist line gave her a svelte hourglass figure and a set of hips that could cause traffic chaos. Her cool detected beauty was architecturally purposed for seduction.

The red hot lingerie joined the rest of Nadine's disposed garb on the floor giving it the appearance of being set alight. Dick's clothes soon added to the growing bundle as the pair began the first tentative steps in an exploration of each others anatomy.

Dick lay supine with Nadine astride him. He had not occupied a single bed since his sexless adolescent years. Had it not been for the beautiful red head straddling him, the experience may have been considered nostalgic.


With Nadine's erogenous nether-region grinding on him and her deep french kisses, the sexual fervor escalated quickly.


She drew herself up into a cow-girl position before dismounting. First placing one knee and then the other between Dick's knees, wiggling a crawl-space for herself between his legs.

He watched as Nadine, holding the base, carefully spat onto the head of his penis. She allowed it to ooze a little down his erect shaft, like some sweet viscous syrup off a honey dipper, before applying it to the full length with soft caresses of her hand.

With slightly parted lips poised just above the apex of Dick's penis, she peered up at him, engaging Dick in a hypnotic knowing gaze. Her emerald eyes spoke of the erotic pleasure she was about gift. Dick's heart quickened at the thought. There was a rush of blood which further engorged his already incredibly hardened member. The anticipation very nearly bringing proceedings to a abruptly premature ending as Nadine gently slid the cock into her mouth. Her lips wrapped wondrously around the diameter of his shaft. He could feel her warm tongue sliding down the ventral underside of his cock as she slowly descended and then returned. Those engaging eyes did not break contact the entire time. Dick held on desperately, saved only by Nadine's mercifully indolent paced strokes.

Mouth and hand combined in a seamless swirling motion up and down Dick's shaft. She paused intermittently to apply more of her natural lubrication. Dick's cock began to glisten with Nadine's saliva as she interchanged between strokes of hand and mouth. It was a brand of fellatio Dick had only known in adult films.

Dick could feel the very skin of his cock stretch under the strain of his own erection. Such was his state of arousal. He dropped his head back onto the soft pillows, breathing yogically in a concentrated effort to avoid an premature orgasmic explosion in Nadine's mouth. Nadine, for her part was relaxed, unhurried and meticulously assiduous with her unique oral style. With her mouth full of Dick's cock, she emitted a sensual purring "Mmmm".

Swapping positions, Dick descended upon Nadine's enticing vaginal region. It had a pristinely smooth and clean shaven appearance. An exotic delicacy Dick could not resist. He ran his tongue around the edges of her labia and ticked the clitoral hood with the tip of his tongue, sending little shivers through Nadine's body. Above, Dick could see that Nadine had her eyes closed, seemingly in a concentrated trance. She moaned softly as Dick delicately worked the edges of her vaginal boundaries. In a change of pace, Dick gave Nadine a slow firm lap from her perineum all the way to the top of her clitoral hood. He circled back to the opening, giving the clitoris a gentle flicker along the way, before plunging his tongue into her opening and launching into a full-blown tongue fuck.

Nadine Ohhh'd and Mmmm'd up above at Dick's oral efforts. However, in abrupt mercurial change of mood, she reached down and pulled is face from between her legs.

I want you to fuck me now! She said in her cool placid voice.

Dick resurfaced above Nadine. She drew her knees upwards to facilitate entry. He kissed her as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of Nadine's vulva, feeling his way towards her tender vaginal opening. He kissed her deeply as he slowly pressed his straining cock into her. She broke lip contact momentarily to draw a quickened breath as she felt the bulbous head of Dick's cock penetrate inside her. Dick continued to slowly press into her. However, as if unable to restrain her yearning any longer, Nadine grasped Dick's hips firmly with both hands and pulled him deeply into her vagina.

Oh fuuuck! Nadine exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, Dick and Nadine breathed heavily into one another. Dick pressed himself into Nadine. He was at full penetration. He gazed into her emerald eyes as he kissed her deeply. This is what Dick imagined regular couples called making love. It was an intense, visceral sensation rather than mere titillation.

Nadine did not relinquish her hold of Dick. She continued to guide him in prolonged regular thrusts. Her thighs tight against Dick ribs.

The pumping became vigorous as did the sensuous sounds of pleasure. Nadine's sweet stifled moans intermingled with Dick's labouring tones. The air became thick with the symphony of sex and humid with carnal passion. The sexual energy was palpable.


The orgasmic pressure built until Dick finally came with a climactic nova eruption.


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Delightful and mesmerizing, this account brought back many fond memories of Nadine. Thanks for sharing.

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