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Bodyline - 02/03/07 - Sophie

Trouser Area


Hi All


After reading some good reviews and seeing her at an intro, I decided to give Sophie a run last week. I also happened to be there on a day when none of my faves were about. Sophie's the Finnish girl who's been reviewed elsewhere on the forum. She's certainly very good looking with a long, lithe tanned body. Smallish breasts and very fine backside. Nice blonde hair that she ties back. I reckon she's around 30. I booked her for an hour.


She is a very polite girl who loves a chat. Actually, if she wasn't such a pleasant person, the chat could be classed as excessive. She had a sore throat this day and apologised for not being very talkative, "normally I would say more". Really? She seemed really pleased that I'd, as she put it, "had trust for her to stay for an hour the first time". Cute.


She asked whether I'd like a firm or gentle massage, I said gentle. She said she'd do that after she'd done a firm massage first. Yeah, alright. She gives a fine therapeutic massage and pointed out the relative merits and shortcomings of my lower back and also gave me some exercise tips. She also asked alot of questions. I mean lots! Again, from someone with less charm, it would begin to be intrusive.


She began the erotic massage (lots of oil) and it was excellent. Lots of reaching under for the tool and balls and very nice butt work. Very, very sensual. One notable move was to place an oily elbow in my butt crack and then gently drag her forearm, then wrist, then hand along it. Absolutely fantastic feeling. She does lots of breathing in your ear and kissing you neck which always gets me going.


She turned me over and oiled up my front and gently began to work my tool and balls. She really knows what she's doing. She lay across me to give some great mirror views of her pussy. She was also happy to be gently touched there. As a side note, she's quite hairy down below, which I liked for a change. Anyway, I began to think I was going to come too early and asked her to stop for a bit. I sucked her nipples and I sat up and we cuddled for a while. She evidently had some ideas for what was going to happen next, but unfortunately her handling of a tool is so good that I lost control and went off early. She was very apologetic, despite me assuring her that these things happen and not to worry. I'd had a great time. I think she felt I'd missed out and seemed genuinely sad for me. I said that it gave me something to come back for, which cheered her up. I also quipped that I don't normally have a problem with the Fin(n)ish, but she didn't get it. Oh well.


Sophie is a really sincere and charming lady and is good at what she does. If you like lots of talk, you'll like her. Myself, I like chat at the start and end but not much in between. She seemed very anxious to find out exactly what I liked and I suspect that becoming a regular with her might be very worthwhile. I didn't ask about extras either. Other reviews of her on this forum mention them. On my first time with a girl, I just like to see what the basic service is like before I fork out for extras. Sometimes it isn't necessary. I've given her 7.5/10 overall for my first session. I'd definitely go back and I think she'd score higher with subsequent visits.


Cheers, TA




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