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Dahlia James


Ok so I am at a complete loss at the moment as to what to do.

I have had some extremely good news over the last two days, and this has meant that in the near future my life and situation is about to change. And these events are all a great part of life and opportunities that cannot be turned down. But leading a double life is so hard! Those that do know me know of my struggles to keep everything balanced and to make sure that Dahlia is hidden from those in her alter ego's life.

My dilemma is that I love being an escort. I really enjoy what I do, I have fun, I meet great people and I do not (and never have) felt ashamed of what I do. If any of you take the time to know me you will see that I don't actually do this for the money, and I'm not a typical WL i.e. doing this to put myself through uni or in financial trouble. I just really enjoy what I do. But now that my situation is about to change, I feel like I may have to force myself to retire much earlier than I wanted or expected. It is just going to become extremely hard to keep this up without anyone knowing and to explain my constant absences.


I guess my point is what do you do? what would YOU do? Do you continue to do something that you enjoy even though it is going to be increasingly difficult? But it is not like escorting is a hobby, I guess it is a way of life and something much more meaningful than a hobby. And I was getting so excited to be on PP and to see where it takes me. I guess this part of my journey I was really looking forward to be but I may just have to cut it short, even though I really don't want to.


At a loss!!





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And it is also hard because not only do I love escorting but I particularly love doing GFE bookings. I love that connection, intimacy and friendship you feel with another person, who starts off a stranger and becomes so much more in your time together. This connection I feel is much more special than normal everyday acquaintances obviously, so I don't want to lose this, as it has become such an integral part of me without anyone else knowing :(

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Yes I am, and that has progressed but it is also my career that has changed as well.

Two main facets of my everyday life are changing but I want to continue escorting, just logistically it is going to be harder and I hate lying to people.

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It sounds like you are going to have to give up something.  If your progressing relationship/other career are blossoming, maybe you should give them a chance and if things don't work out, you can always fall back on your other love of being a WL.


I will be honest with you, I cheat so I am very careful about covering my tracks.  Nothing clever, just keep things simple , keep to a routine, don't be tempted to play when you are meant to be somewhere else.  If you are forever having to come up with excuses about your absences, you will be found out sooner or later.  I am guessing that's something you can ill-afford at this stage of your life.


If you still want to be a WL, might be you need to be more selective about your playmates, hence, they will need to fit in with you not the other way around, have a bit of forward planning.  Instead of same day or next day bookings, maybe try 72 hours or more advance bookings, that give you a bit more leeway to plan your absence.


Anyway just my two cents worth


Good luck whatever your choices

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Big problems are usually made of lots of little problems. Make a start solving some of the little problems, and then the big issue usually gets smaller and smaller faster than you first expected.

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Hmmmm........kind of makes my issues seem insignificant.


If you do provide the GFE intimate connection type service Dahlia then there are a lot of people here looking for exactly that.  So it is possible to limit your bookings to only a few and at long notice as Nightwatchman has suggested.  Quality over quantity.


But either way I kind of doubt your partner, if he found out, is going to see it your way.  This is just a fact of life in relationships, human nature and so on.


If I was your partner and found out....what would I do?....I don't know, I have no answer.  Its a bit like asking me would I go to war again? Don't know the answer to that either.


There are probably only two ways to go;  give escorting a rest for a bit or limit your bookings to a managable number (i.e easily covered for absences and so on) so that you can still go forward with your relationship and career.  The former is obviously the safer bet.


As you say, escorting is nothing to be ashamed of.  It is a worthwhile role with the great reward of knowing that you have for a small amount of time made someone happy.


When it is all said and done though only you can make the decision.  I can only wish you good luck with it.

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you knw best! just hold in mind how blessed you are :)

I know and I appreciate it everyday! Thanks honey.


Nal and Nightwatchmen, you are both right. I think it is very hard for me to give up something I love, but I might just limit it to clients I know who will appreciate my circumstances and my time. GFE encounters, which I love to do, are more for the punters who want an experience rather than an encounter and I think if someone is looking for a good and memorable experience than they will give longer notice and arrange it more delicately. 

This may be the solution that will fit the best of both worlds. As for relationships go, these are tricky and never easy. I think that is a problem best left for another day.


Much love and thank you for your advice, it is very much appreciated and considered! :)




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You need to get your secret life alibi's in order....you need to have your selection of stories, excuses and they have to be somewhat watertight....youll will need to have the means to make time appear and dissapear.... You will need to have all of the above that fits into your current routine or doesn't look too out of the ordinary....


Might be a new hobby...personal trainer? Coaching/tutoring? Councellor?


What ever feels comfortable..

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You need to do what you honestly believe is right for yourself, however also think of any repercussions on anyone involved in your life. weigh up the pro and cons. 

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I can't really ad any more fully agree with above comments. If you have some very special clients I am sure if you wanted to continue they would have to work in with you. Don't put yourself at risk just to please a client from what I have heard from the ladies a lot of punters have secret lives also. Good luck what ever decision you make

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Wow all your advice and comments are amazing! And so influential in my decision. I have decided that I will continue to do this because there is no point in stopping something that I love to do, but I am going to have to limit the time I can devote to Dahlia. Those clients that choose to read my blog and get to know me will understand my situation and hopefully they will be willing to work around me. I may not be able to just drop everything within an hour's notice and meet someone, it will take patience and organisation, but that is something I am good at! So I will meet select clients and regulars who can work in with me.

As far as in calls are concerned, they are near impossible. In that case I may designate a few days out of the month to do these and hopefully punters will understand. I'm sure they do, from what I have been reading most people are leading a secret life and they can understand my predicament. 

Fingers crossed and see how we go :)

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