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Birthday in December



I got myself a new mobile phone recently but the data transfer from the old to the new did not pick up the birthdays of my contacts so I was rekeying them in one by one the other day and I came to the realisation that I actually know quite a number of people who have their birthdays in December including one of my fav WL. I wonder if some of them feel a bit left out with the focus being on Xmas and Festive partying or they really don't care that much, a party is a party.


Anyway, I hope all you December babies have your birthday and Xmas wishes come true!!!


Happy birthday and Merry Christmas

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I have a sibling who was born on Christmas Day. Buying an appropriate present is always difficult.


When we were kids, our parents combined the Christmas and birthday celebration into one family event with special recognition of the birthday child.


It didn't seem to be an issue then and doesn't appear to be now as we still do things the same way.

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