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Men Acting Out Their Fantasies - Should Escorts Agree to do the Unusual Ones?



Blog #4


In the twelve months I've been working as an Escort, I have had many and varied enquiries about fantasies. Some fantasies are not so far out of what I would consider to be interesting and exciting bedroom play, however, others are somewhat explicitly detailed and intricate in the way they are to be executed.

To give you an idea, some of the fantasies I have been asked to perform are:

- The client is the escort and I have employed his services

- The client wearing my lingerie including fishnets, garter belt and heels

- That I am being seduced/raped by the client

- That I am a young girl requested to wear little girls underwear

- That I am the step daughter and he the step father

- That I am to abuse the client physically and verbally - requested me to kick him in the balls over and over, step on them and tell him to lay by the front door like a dog (Submission Fantasy)


We all have our own fantasies that we secretly keep in our minds and at times imagine them being carried out, maybe just to increase your sexual mood, or to get you over the edge to the point of coming.

Having these thoughts during bedroom playtime with your partner, or when you are masturbating alone, is one thing, but to request the services of an escort to perform this in a role played situation is another.


I would like to come at this topic from two polar angles: The first will be pointing out the positives I see associated by choosing to act out the fantasy, and the other, the negatives one might firstly consider before choosing to do so.


Scenario 1: The client is the escort and I have employed his services.


Scenario 2: The client wears my lingerie including fishnets, garter belt and heels (Cross-Dressing Fantasy)



Scenario 3: That I am being raped by the client (Dominance Fantasy)


Scenario 4: That I am an underage girl requested to wear little girls underwear (Pedophile Fantasy)


Scenario 5: That I am the step daughter and he the step father (Kinky when of age/Pedophile Fantasy when not)


Scenario 6: That I am to abuse physically and verbally - requested me to kick him in the balls over and over, step on them and tell him to lay by the front door like a dog whilst telling him he is worthless etc...(Submission Fantasy)


I'll discuss only Scenarios 3, 4 & 6 here in this forum as they are the most diverse and controversial (if not to say disturbing)


Scenario 3 is a scene that is not so uncommon to be practiced by normal, healthy minded, consenting adults. The man enjoys the feeling of being dominant, in full control of the woman and the acts, and the woman is the submissive who finds enjoyment about being taken "against he will." I regard this as quite natural; human beings acting out the timeless roles where the female was inferior to the male and there to satisfy his every need. A woman was seen as an item of ownership, thus the innate desire to dominate "his woman" is generally biological present within the male genealogy so in essence he is "taking" what is rightfully his. Putting up a struggle, only adds to the excitement when being role played. The negative associated with accepting to perform this fantasy for the client is the question of whether this is encouraging/contributing to the actual rape of escorts? Your thoughts?


Scenario 4 is another category altogether. This fantasy is one I refuse to do as I consider it mentally disturbing. I find it astonishing that a man would phone me up and request this fantasy without feeling guilty of the immorality and illegality of the act he desires? After refusing to accept this booking, I spent some time pondering and profiling the client who requested it and came up with only one positive that could possibly come from an escort accepting to role play this fantasy with this client. The positive is that the client is acting out this fantasy in a legal manner with a consenting adult (although dressed as a young girl) as opposed to attempting to achieve sexual gratification by committing the gut wrenching and illegal sin of raping a minor. I pose the following question to my readers: Are escorts keeping would-be pedophiles off the streets? I will leave this for your comments.


Scenario 6 - the Submissive, is a classic text book case of low self esteem, low self worth and usually stems from childhood experiences, whereby the submissive male finds sexual gratification by being abused by a powerful woman. The experience triggers positive memories or feelings that usually include acceptance, and approval for good behaviour from a dominant female figure in his life (usually the mother). Once upon a time, these positive feelings simply made his heart warm or a smile to appear on his face, but as an adult, the need for sexual gratification is desired. Being the only way the youngster ever felt positive reinforcement, being abused now illicit feelings of sexual stimulation and personal satisfaction. My only concern with this scenario is that theory shows that behaviour is usually repeated and thus the cycle may continue into the next generation. This is an emotionally unhealthy frame of mind.


Looking forward to your comments.




Holly Jacques xx


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Hymmm. There are already a few topics on PP about role-play, costumes, S&M and sex games.


#3 – Mock rape. Probably common enough “game” and how harmful it really is would probably need to get down to case by case, person by person. Lets face it, there are some folks out there with serious mental health issues - or they were raised to a culture that sees women as nothing more that useful playthings placed here for a man's pleasure. Also maybe you would like to read the BLOG entry by Paris here on PP.


If I was a lady and a sex worker, I wouldn't go anywhere near a “rape game” unless someone very trustworthy was nearby backing me up. Potentially a very bad situation if you need to withdraw your consent, and that's when you find out you are dealing with a genuine crazy person.


I seem to remember there are still plenty of cultures where the ladies have an equal or very strong voice, and they are not just sexy fun times people that can cook. So I think your generalisation about the timeless role of the woman as inferior is more about “Traditional” Western values. A while ago, when Christianity was trying to stamp out the older religions, many of which had women in the dominant role (Priestesses, Fish wives, The village Wise Woman etc.), there was a power shift from the women to men.


Obviously Christianity was quite popular with all the men in the village and they had a creation story written for them that had them essentially birthing mankind (Adam) - where traditionally women were the life givers and this was a pretty big deal. Then the males newly in charge (Pope, priests etc.) needed to reduce the power of women in the tribe, so they started burning the very tough and smart ones ones as witches. Tough women have been treated badly ever since. I'm ok with the status quo of course, because I am man. I'm on the winning side of the gender war lol.


I believe we have a slightly different approach to keeping women down now. These days we require women to act just like men before we will accept them and value their various achievements. Personally I think we have lost our way a teensy tiny bit. Lol.


#4 – Young girls or young looking girls. Getting into some very very deep water here. I have certainly read posts here and other forums, as well as classified ads on Cracker, Craigslist, Locanto etc. where men are trying to find the very small and the very young looking ladies. So I'm not one bit surprised you get calls from people trying to scratch this itch.


My personal view is there is a huge difference between what two normal consenting adults get up to - opposed to what a sex predator “rehearsing” for his future sexual assault is doing. You can tell a lot about the values of a society by how it tries to protect it's most vulnerable members. I'm not talking about what people answer when discussing at the dinner table. Instead I'm talking about what they are willing to back-up by paying the higher taxes that are needed to provide social services and law enforcement. Social services cost money and lately governments seem to all to willing to spend their money on spin instead of action or effective measures.


So back to your question “are escorts keeping paedophiles off the streets”?


Honestly - we will never know for sure, but I really seriously doubt it.


Until we live in a world where everybody is aware of the dangers posed by Paedophiles, and we are all willing to act to block their various attempts to procure flesh, we will all be continuing to allow these guys to profit from our medieval fear, disgust, distaste and general fear of anybody noticing.


Personally I believe the ones that need a very young girl to get off will not be satisfied with an adult or older teen simply play-acting like a child. I suspect their (strange and unusual) drive runs way deeper than someone with their hair in pigtails or a fully grown woman wearing a school uniform.


#5 – skipped on request.


#6 – Humiliation, violence etc. I'm totally fine with this as long it is between consenting adults. I believe we own our own bodies and cannot ever own some one else's body. Maybe we can just borrow theirs for brief periods of time ;) . If I want to be kicked in the nuts over an over and I can find someone willing to do it, what's the actual harm to the community. Sure there will be physical harm to me and it's likely I will have medical problems such as infertility etc, but still, it's my body. My choice. My consequences as well.




The really big question, “should a lady do any of this stuff if she doesn't want to”?






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There's always a dark side.....it's a matter of where the boundaries lie and how comfortable a WL is prepared to play their part...


Fantasies come in all shapes and sizes and doesnt mean that it is a desire to act out in real life. As long as all is consentual and legal then its between two parties as to what should go on.


#3- consentual and mutual respect


#4 - common fantasy. Question of whether it stays fantasy


#5 - google it and prevailant than i thought


# 6- escapism and release from every day world



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Serena Vincente


personally I think anything goes as long as both people involved in the fantasy are comfortable with what goes on. nobody should do anything they are not comfortable with, escort or no escort.


Serena x

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I tried to employ the services of a high end WL who seemed to be offering a number of PSE style services. When I suggested certain role-plays that I thought was within her service list I was told in no uncertain terms I was not right for her and to move on.


Go figure.

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hmmm you shouldn't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  (I assume that that would be true for some "normal" straight sex with some clients).  And I would hope that clients with really weird requests, would work their way up to full "weirdness" (i.e. they'd see someone regularly for a while and slowly open up to what they really want)?  


But most importantly, I think there is an important distinction between fantasy and reality.  Someone that wants a pedophile fantasy does not necessarily want to have sex with a child ... similarly with the rape fantasy.  The act of physically abusing someone... there are people that specialise this sort of work and I'd leave it up to them.  

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If your not comfortable providing some services for whatever reason you shouldn't IMO particularly fantasy and roleplay because if your not comfortable regardless of the request the best case scenario is you feeling you have been pressured into something and potentially ruining a punters fantasy in the process. There are plenty of providers and establishments who specialise in kink and fantasy and know how to safely provide these services.



I personally think you may have profiled #3 and #6 incorrectly based on people I know into both and providers I know who provide both services regularly.


Personally I'm a pretty "normal" punter without what I would consider uncommon requests (even at the most extreme ends of my own personal scale) but everyone is into different things and I think provided its between consenting adults the sky is the limit.


As to whether people should explore there fantasy at home or with a WL I think many feel more comfortable with a WL. Afterall half of the appeal of a WL is a perception that your not judged. If a WL says no to a request it's no big deal and we all expect if your not comfortable that you won't have an issue telling us, if you tell a girlfriend or wife you want to fuck whilst wearing a giant koala or panda suit it can't be taken back and they may say yes cause they love you but after see you as a freaking weirdo forever !!!


P.S I can't belive furry fandom wasn't on your list of weird ones :-p

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