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My First PP Drinks :)

Dahlia James


So yesterday I went to the PP Sydney drinks and it was my very first one. Must admit I was a ball of nerves and was umming and ahhing all week as to whether or not I would actually attend. Fortunately a lovely punter decided to be my escort and accompanied me in and this made all the difference. I couldn't believe how 'normal' everyone was (whatever your definition or normal is haha), but everyone was so comfortable and I didn't feel awkward the whole time. I feel so excited that I am now a part of PP with lovely people who I would love to meet and get to know even better.

Unfortunately didn't stay very long as the the "real world" called (damn!) but I will definitely be back for the next one, and hopefully by then I will know a lot more people and we can all have a blast (lol who says that anymore..?).


Till then,





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Glad you came along. Yeah we're normal alright. Just a bit more upfront about our obsessions lol

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no he was actually quite reasonable. I hope to return the favour some time soon ;) hehe

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