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Barabings - 27/08/07 and again 19/09/07 - Sienna

Trouser Area




Well, I did it. I overcame my fear of being spotted and went to Barabings and saw Sienna. I like Barabings, it's cosy and smells nice and has a share-house feel about it, right down to the dodgey CD player that plays a half a song then jumps to the next and then back a bit and then on to the next disc and so on. I like the prices too. $170 for the hour. I'm starting to wonder why I stick with Bodyline.


Sienna has put on a little weight since her departure from Bodyline and looks bloody magnificent. She seemed pleased to see me as was I to see her.


I've reviewed her before, so I won't need to go into too much detail, but I'm always really taken with her. She's tall and lithe and has beautiful white skin and a firm bottom and B cup tits to die for.


Her service always varied from session to session. Sometimes wild and raunchy with extras on tap and sometimes gentle and dreamy. Today she was the latter and there I was, back with her being covered in hot lotion and being given a lovely massage that began, as always, almost non sexual, working up to a very fine sexual phase with lots of teasing date and tool work (she IS good at that!). She tipped me over and continued on the front until I could hold off no more ("stop,stop" I whispered but it was too late). That's always the challenge, to hold off. She has magic hands.


Some great things about Sienna. She likes a chat at the start and finish, but does the session in silence, with only the occasional moan. She remembers what you like and indulges your likes. Her variable service keeps things interesting and adds some tension which is ace. She doesn't mention extras, but just goes with what she feels like on the day. You put yourself in her hands.


I'd been missing Sienna and it was good to catch up with her today and I definitely shall return. Today she also consolidated her position as number one on my top ten.


Cheers, TA






Went in to see Sienna again last week. I have to say that she is looking just fantastic at the moment. She has long curly reddish hair and glowing white skin. She's curvy and lithe and with her recent weight gain, her breasts are now a wonderful, firm and natural C cup. She has a colossal arse too. She said that she's started working out at the gym and looked a bit sore getting up the stairs. I suggested that she shouldn't overdo the fitness caper, as there doesn't look to me to be room for much improvement on her current state.


I booked her for an hour and she did her usual faultless build-up from straight massage to agonising tease. Then she turned me over and let me suck her nipples and touch her pussy while she gently stroked my tool and...DAMMIT: another early finish. This has happened the last couple of times with her. Her touch is so on-the-money that I can't hold back. Even shutting my eyes and thinking about Helen Clarke (NZ PM) won't steady me (with any other lass, this usually works). Anyway, she gave me more of a massage and it all became very erotic and Li'l Trouser started to get interested again and it looked like a second orgasm might be on. Then, inexplicably, she backed off and gave me a foot massage and the session ended that way. Game over.


I like Sienna alot. Always have. And while the changeability and unpredictability of her service is kind of exciting, it can also be baffling.


The best session I ever had was a mad one at Bodyline where she hardly said a word. Just went wild. DFK, full-on touching (and wetness) and DATY. I came once while we were still standing next to the table, because she was rubbing her arse on me and kissing me and it was just too much. Then she told me to lie down and relax while she had a quick shower, then she came back and started again. Full intensity. At one stage she was squatting over me and running her clitoris up and down my shaft. The second orgasm was as great as the first.


So since then, I've been going back to Sienna, always hoping to relive that session, but I never have. While she's still bloody good at RnT (and great fun too), there is a reserve about her now. What's allowed and what isn't changes each time. Nothing is said, I just try something and if she moves away, it's not on today.


At one stage, (some of you might remember) the stark variability between sessions led me to wonder if there were twins working under the same name.


Anyway, she remains a great favourite (second only to Monique: The Anaconda of Love) and an enigma at the same time. My other favourites are girls who pretty much always provide the same service each time, which means you can relax in the sure knowledge of what awaits. Sienna on the other hand, provides that little bit of mystery and challenge that keeps my punting life interesting.


I still recommend her very highly. She never charges for extras and even a lacklustre session with her is still better than what most RnT lasses provide, but if you insist on sure things and being in command, then perhaps she's not for you.







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