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Asian Fetish by Christina Wong




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Seems legit ;)


Obviously initial attraction and relationship compatibility is way more complicated than:

a) register on dating site

b ) view profiles of sexy women, using all your wishful thinking and stereo-types to make an initial selection

c) arrange a first date

d) *then vanish entirely from the pseudo-science infomercial comic-strip style news about dating sites *

e) there is not (e) or (f) or (g) as all the measuring and follow-up is not titillating enough for TV


Before anyone beats to to death for being cynical, I must point out I love Asian women. I especially love the ones that are sexually available, friendly and slim.


But then again I think women are pretty good generally lol. Some of them can very nice ;)

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I agree that "she's just funny", but I think it would have been better if she'd picked a bogie and eaten it. I certainly wouldn't mind being her smorgasbord.

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